Triple Twists Ishq SubhanAllah Shakti Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Triple Twists Ishq SubhanAllah Shakti Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Triple Twists Ishq SubhanAllah Shakti Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Madhav and Zaroon have learnt the truth about real Saltanat. Madhav brings her to the family. He knows she didn’t get her memory. He takes her to Zaroon. She is scared of Zaroon, who stabbed her. Zaroon meets Saltanat after a long time. She doesn’t know what to believe. She is confused. He tries to apologize to her. He explains her the situation, but she doesn’t remember Kainat. She has no memories. She doesn’t know the truth. She will soon get her memory back. Madhav wants them to unite. He apologizes to them for separating them because of a misunderstanding. Zaroon too wants revenge on Kainat.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer loses Aisha forever. He gets disheartened that his biggest support had left him. He has no control on his emotions. He falls weak seeing his mum’s funeral going on. He can’t leave her away, but is helpless to bury her. He finds it too tough and breaks down. He becomes Shahbaz’s support. Shahbaz also knows that Kabeer was much close to Aisha. He consoles Kabeer. The family prays for Aisha. Kabeer feels he shouldn’t stay in the same zone. He wants to meet Zara, hoping she would share his pain. He lost his loved one. He doesn’t want to lose Zara.

He feels Zara can balance his life. He doesn’t want to get back in the depressing phase. Shahbaz wants to keep Kabeer away from Zara. His hatred for Zara gets down because of Aisha’s sudden demise. Shahbaz and Kabeer don’t know that Ruksar had killed Aisha. The mysterious murder gets known as a natural death. Kabeer will be knowing Ruksar’s crime soon.

Vedant wants to get Soumya at any cost. He knows that Heer is Harman’s daughter and Soumya’s life. He is obsessed with her. She thinks she is his life. He can’t live without her. Vedant thinks once he makes Heer away from Soumya, she will come back to him. Harak learns that the kids are in trouble. He doesn’t want anyone to hurt Heer. He hires Arjun as the body guard for kids. Soumya asks Soham and Rohan to take a stand for their sister and handle things.

Soumya doesn’t know Arjun is working for Vedant. He blames Soumya after making the kids fight. Soumya gets a calll from the schjool. The principal doesn’t listen to Soumya and kick her out of the school. Soumya wants the kids to get forgiveness. Rohan takes Heer’s get up to catch the culprit. He wants to become righteous like Harman. He falls in risk when Vedant follows to kidnap him.


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