Kulfi Kumar Snips Sikandar faces the fatal risk

Kulfi Kumar Snips Sikandar faces the fatal risk

Kulfi Kumar Snips Sikandar faces the fatal risk Sikandar gets helpless when the goon threatens to kill Amyra. Amyra shouts for her dad, when the goon tortures her. Kulfi watches her and cries seeing Amyra hurt. The kidnapper sees Kulfi at the door and asks her what is she doing there. He goes after Kulfi. Sikandar is worried and takes the gun. He goes to meet the CM. The guard tells him that he will inform the CM. He gets a phone and calls the emergency. He wants the police to come there and stop the bad happening. CM’s wife meets Sikandar. She asks him to come with him, he is like family. He thinks to tell her the truth that someone wants to get the CM killed.

He tells her that someone is plotting this and pressurizing him by kidnapping Amyra. He tells her that he is helpless because of his daughter. He asks her to save her husband. She wonders what will they do now. The kidnapper identifies Kulfi. He catches her. Kulfi gets saved by CM’s guard. Kulfi seeks help him. She tells him that Amyra is locked in the make up room. He asks her to be specific so that he can help her find Amyra. Kulfi tells him that she had made the cross mark on the door. She gets worried seeing the same signs on all the doors. She thinks who has done this. Guard tells her that he can’t help her now. CM’s wife tells Sikandar that her assistant would help them.

She thanks Sikandar for telling the truth to her, not the CM. Sikandar gets a huge shock on seeing the same goon, who wants the CM dead. The goon takes him away and threatens him against exposing his name. The guard rushes away on getting a call. Kulfi gets helpless. Elsewhere, Lovely thinks how to go out from the asylum. She feels Amyra is in big trouble. She feels stuck. She finds a window and breaks the lock to escape. She gets a phone to call Tony. She can’t hear his voice. She tries to hear the background sound.

She thinks of the Jagrata competition announcement. She decides to go there. The goon tells Sikandar that his boss has come to meet him. The goon blind folds Sikandar and threatens him. He thinks Sikandar had brought many problems in their plan already. Guard leaves Kulfi with his colleagues. Kulfi is trying hard to find Amyra. She gets kidnapped by the new guards, who are actually involved in Amyra’s kidnapping. Keep reading for Kulfi Kumar Snips.

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