Kumkum Bhagya Huge leap effects Abhi Pragya meet

Kumkum Bhagya Huge leap effects Abhi Pragya meet

Kumkum Bhagya Huge leap effects Abhi Pragya meet Rishi gets badly beaten by the Police in the Police station. Pragya comes home and comes to know from Madhu about his arrest. She rushes to the Police station and asks Inspector to let her meet Rishi, but the latter refuses and tells that they are doing their work. Pragya says I didn’t say that you are doing wrong work. She adds, I mean that you do the right work, but you are not always right. Abhi is also at the Police station and is about to see her. Abhi slaps Rishi and beats him asking how dare he to touch Priyanka. Rishi cries and pleads innocence.

Ahead in the track, Abhi and Pragya will be meeting after twenty years. They come across at the police station. They have a moment of union after long. They shed tears and hug. Abhi tells her about getting justice for Priyanka. She tells him that Rishi needs justice, since Priyanka is the wrong doer. Abhi and Pragya get against while fighting Priyanka and Rishi’s case.


Raja Beta: Vedant and Pankhudi come home and see Purva wiping the floor. Pankhudi begins talking to Vedant about the patient Mrs. Jaitley and seeks his advice. Vedant is about to give his advice and sees Purva standing near them. Purva asks why she is standing near their heads. Purva says she wants 20000 Rs. Pankhudi asks if the shelter is not enough for her in this house. Purva says if she can’t see that she is talking to my husband. She says she wants to do housework, sweep and wipe the floor and earn some money. Vedant says this is not needed and asks her to do some good work. Dadi comes and asks Vedant to appoint her as his personal assistant and says you need her.

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