Upcoming Patiala Babes Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Sony Patiala Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming Highlights

Upcoming Patiala Babes Babita teases Hanuman to wake him up. Hanuman and Babita have sweet moments of romance. He understands her well. He tells her that he didn’t wish to annoy her, but he is liking to get annoyed so that she convinces him with love. Babita makes many attempts to convince him. He tells her that their lives will always have ups and downs, but they have to stay strong. He wants her trust to be intact. He tells her that only trust can make their relation stronger. Babita understands him. On the other hand, Minnie is dealing with her dilemma in keeping her relations with her grandparents. She doesn’t want to leave them helpless and unattended.

She knows she is upsetting Babita and Hanuman. She doesn’t understand what to do. She writes her feelings in her diary. She tears the papers and stays sad. She faces Hanuman’s anger. Hanuman tells her that if she meets her Dada and Biji, then Babita will may not like it. Minnie recalls spending time with her grandparents. Minnie wants them to be happy. Minnie tries to find a solution so that she can balance both the families. Keep reading for Upcoming Patiala Babes.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Zaroon locks up Kainat in the huge box and expresses his hatred. He tells her that he will take revenge on her. He troubles her as she had troubled Saltanat before. He tells Nadim and Rubina that he will get Saltanat home safely. Saltanat wants to get her answer. Madhav tells her that she will find her answers at Shah Manzil. She asks him why is he taking her when Zaroon wants to kill her. He asks her to trust him. She trusts him, since he rescued her life many times, despite his hatred. Sneha finds a way to call the police and file a complaint against Saltanat. She wants Saltanat out of their lives. Kainat finds Zaroon’s plans kiddish. She tells that she isn’t weak like Saltanat.

In no time, she gets freed from the huge box. She goes to deal with her enemies. She gets mad and sharpens a knife to kill Saltanat. Zaroon tries to meet Madhav, but misses again. He meets Madhav’s family and learns that Madhav and Saltanat have gone somewhere. Sneha breaks the truth that Saltanat is in love with Madhav now, since she has lost all her memories with Zaroon. Zaroon can’t believe this. He wants his wife back. Sneha tells him that both Madhav and Saltanat are in love. Zaroon rushes home to meet them. Madhav and Saltanat reach Shah Manzil and come across Kainat’s madness. Kainat kidnaps Krish from his school. She tries to strike a deal with Madhav. She wants Saltanat instead Krish.


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