Telly Reviews Spoilers Alert Patiala Babes YRKKH lined

Telly Reviews Spoilers Alert Patiala Babes YRKKH lined

Telly Reviews Spoilers Alert Patiala Babes YRKKH Naira and Kairav fall in trouble when they dance under the faulty pole. Vedika wants to save Naira’s life. She gets in shock on seeing Kartik and Naira dancing intensely and romantically. She feels like losing Kartik forever to Naira. She sheds tears and forgets about the current pole. She then informs Kartik about the danger. Kartik rushes to save his lady love, without caring for his own life. He proves to have same feelings of love for Naira. Kartik and Naira will be uniting forever.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Madhav asks Zaroon to send Saltanat to Kainat. Saltanat takes the risk for Krish. Kainat hugs Saltanat and insults her. She tells Saltanat that she had tried to kill her before also. She had left hope that she will meet her sister again. She thinks Saltanat has good fate. Saltanat asks her where is Krish. Kainat reminds Saltanat their past. She hits on Saltanat’s head to faint her. Saltanat recalls about Kainat and gets her memory back. Kainat tries to kill her.

Patiala Babes:
Minnie and Micky have cute moments of friendship. She enjoys her life. She is happy to have good friends. Minnie didn’t experience love in her life. Minnie enjoys the truck ride. She plays with the flowers and runs into the fields. Micky is happy with Preeti. Minnie gets them engaged by the floral straws. She congratulates them.

Ronak gets caught by Hukum’s men. He doesn’t know why did Hukum get him at this time. Hukum wants to get Muskaan. Ronak tries to get free. He wants to kill Hukum. He stops himself from taking this step. He tells Hukum that he himself sent that old lady to lie to Hukum and trap him. He destroys the alcohol in the godown. He wants to ruin Maalik and Hukum’s plans. He beats up Hukum’s men. Hukum informs Maalik about Ronak’s move. Maalik gets ahead with the back up plan. Muskaan tells Saaho about someone stealing the voting ballot box. Hanumant informs Ronak that nothing is fine here. Ronak stops the goons and gets the ballot box with him.

Hukum gets the government officials and frames Ronak for booth capturing. They blame Ronak for lying to them and getting the votes. They tell that Ronak has done everything to make Muskaan lose. Muskaan knows Ronak is innocent. Saaho wants to support Ronak. Muskaan tells them that Maalik and Hukum have played this game. Ronak gets accused bad time. Ronak tells them that he will end this game. Hukum blames Saaho for helping Ronak. Ronak gets arrested. He tries hard to explain that its all Maalik’s plan.

Moreover, Maalik meets Ronak and tells him that none can win over him. He gets Saaho suspended. He tells Ronak that he is free from all the charges now, he will take Muskaan with him. Ronak wants Maalik to leave Muskaan. Maalik asks Ronak to do anything to get Muskaan back. Hukum asks Nekchand to get Ronak out for an encounter. Hukum wants to kill Ronak. Ronak will get saved again.


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