Kulfi Kumarr Upcoming Hotstar Troubling twists turns

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar secret revelation stuns Kulfi Amyra

Kulfi Kumarr Upcoming Hotstar Troubling twists turns Sikandar learns about the CM’s enemy. The goon threatens to kill him. The security guard asks his colleagues to help Kulfi. Kulfi realizes that those two guards are actually goons in disguise, having evil motives. She tries to buy some time and rush out. She thinks how to get saved. She understands that they are planning against the CM. Sikandar tells the goon that he wants to meet his daughters for the last time. He regrets that he couldn’t help them. He feels guilty and recalls the happy family moments with his daughters. He turns more emotional.

He tells him that he doesn’t want to die with regret. He asks his help for the last time. He misses Kulfi and Amyra. He wishes to see them at least once. Kulfi runs away from the goons to save herself. Meanwhile, Lovely is also finding Amyra. She reaches the Jagrata competition venue. She sees the security and hides from them. She takes a disguise. Kulfi prays to get saved, so that she can save Amyra as well. Kulfi’s prayers get answered. She reaches Sikandar when he is about to get shot. She finds him in trouble and shouts. Sikandar gets strength with her arrival. They fight the goon and try to escape. She tells him that she couldn’t find Amyra.

The chawl kids meet Kulfi. She tells them that she had seen Amyra in danger. Sikandar asks them what are they up to. Kulfi tells him that she was just participating in the contest for his sake. She wants to help him. She tells him that she will really participate so that they can find Amyra. Sikandar hugs her. Sikandar wants to rush to the CM and inform him. The goons are worried that they will be exposed in front of the CM. They rush to stop Sikandar. Sikandar and Kulfi take the disguise and get into animal costumes.

They try to search for Amyra. The goons catch Tony there. They ask Tony to kill the CM and complete their work. Sikandar thinks Amyra is hidden under the stage. He checks there. Tony gets pressurized by the goons. He sees the function going on. Tony tries to shoot the CM. CM learns the huge threat on his life. Kulfi finds Amyra finally and alerts Sikandar.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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