Star Bharat Top Prime Just Spoilers

Star Bharat Highlights Top 2 Today

Star Bharat Top 2 Prime Just Spoilers Nimki Vidhayak Nimki meets Mintu at the cafe. She tells him about his face resembling Babbu Singh. She tells that Babbu wasn’t a nice man, but still his mum Anaro loved him a lot. She asks him to take Babbu’s identity to help Anaro. He asks her why is she after him. She tells him that once Anaro gets fine, she will never trouble him. She shows him Babbu’s picture. He turns calm on seeing the picture. He tells her that he is ready to help Anaro, only if Dadi permits him. Nimki meets Mintu Singh and Dadi again. She wants Mintu to become Babbu Singh for Anaro’s sake.

She walks inside his house and tells Dadi that she has taken permission from Mintu already. Dadi tells Nimki that she is very much similar to her. Dadi jokes that Mintu is ironing his saree. Nimki asks Mintu to take Babbu’s avatar for a while until Anaro recovers. She asks Dadi to permit them for this drama. Dadi is worried that Anaro may not return Mintu to her. Nimki tells her that she has taken the responsibility, she will ensure that Mintu returns to Dadi. Dadi agrees to help Anaro. Mintu will take Babbu’s place in Anaro’s life to help her recover from mental illness.


Ronak and Muskaan take the disguise of lions and reach the pandal. They don’t want to get caught by Maalik. Ronak gets confused when some other girl wears similar costume. Ronak misses Muskaan there. Maalik tries to catch Ronak. Ronak runs away. He wants to free Muskaan from Maalik’s clutches. There will be a new entry of Maalik’s sister Durga. There is a big drama with Durga’s entry. Ronak falls in danger. He wears the explosive garland in his neck. Ronak gets a big challenge to save his life.


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