Choti Sardarni Colors Meher Sarabjeet Confusion twists

Choti Sardarni Colors Meher Sarabjeet Confusion twists

Choti Sardarni Colors Meher Sarabjeet Confusion twists Meher gets famous as the monkey woman. She gets in the newspapers. Sarabjeet asks her to see how famous she got for the wrong reasons. They have cute arguments on the way. He stops the car and asks her to get down. Meher is worried thinking he is angry. Meher and Sarabjeet are compelled by Dolly to go on their honeymoon. Meher has complications in her pregnancy. They discuss the problem and make a plan. He apologizes to Meher. He knows she isn’t fit to travel. He tells her that he will make an excuse and manage Dolly.

He tells her that he knows she loves Param a lot, but she can’t forget that she is pregnant and need to take care of her unborn child as well. Sarabjeet turns caring towards her. She gets pleased with his behavior. He asks her to lie to the family about her hand fracture so that they can return home. He meets Meher’s brother there. Meher meets Manav’s friend. She asks him about Manav’s Dhaba. The guy tells her that the Dhaba will soon get shut because of the loan.

Meher tells him that she will clear the loans, but Dhaba shouldn’t get shut. Sarabjeet finds Meher paying the guy. He thinks what was Meher doing with the money. He gets mistaken that he finds Jagga’s new car. He thinks if she has given the money to Jagga for his new car. He congratulates Jagga for the brand new car. He thinks of the money he has given Meher for her well being after their divorce. He doesn’t want Meher to get hurt. He wants to know the real matter from her. He doesn’t know that she has used the money for saving Manav’s dhaba.

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