Yeh Rishtey Pyar Mishti Kunal slap moment raises drama

Yeh Rishtey Pyar Mishti Kunal slap moment raises drama

Yeh Rishtey Pyar Mishti Kunal slap moment raises drama Abir reaches Mishti to pick her and take her to the house party. Abir finds Mishti getting ready for the function. He adorns her with love, while praising her beauty in a poetic way. Abir and Mishti have cute romantic moments. They are happy to be together and in peace. He asks her if she doesn’t want to go in the function. She hugs him to express love. They come home and join the family in the Dandiya nights function. Abir finds Mishti’s waist ornament fallen. He asks her to wear it back. She challenges him to get poetic again and adorn it to her waist in front of the family. She asks him if he is scared of his mum.

She challenges him to do this if he has courage to express love. Abir gets tensed. Mehul asks Abir to accept the challenge and also challenge Mishti for a task. He gets friendly in advising Abir. Abir is happy to have Mehul in his life. He can’t ask for anything more since he has two genuine people in his life, his dad and his lover. Mishti gets blessings from Abir’s family. She fails to meet Meenakshi and take her blessings.

Abir and Mishti participate in the Dandiya dance event. Kuhu and Kunal also play Dandiya with everyone. He tries to keep Mishti away from Abir, but he fails. Kuhu and Kunal become the winners of the couple dance round. Kuhu gets happy to receive the award. She wants to share the happiness with Kunal. She looks for Kunal and doesn’t find him anywhere. Meenakshi gets a call from a villager, who demands money for his work to defame Mehul. She doesn’t want to meet the villager right now. She asks him to wait for a day.

The man wants his money right away. He thinks to blackmail Meenakshi. Abir dedicates a romantic performance for Mishti. They celebrate their love. On the other hand, Kunal fixes his meeting with his lawyer. He gets his divorce papers ready. He shocks Kuhu by handing over the papers to her. Kuhu can’t believe Kunal’s decision. Abir and Mishti also get in shock. Abir doesn’t know why is Kunal doing this. Kunal wants to stop Abir and Mishti’s marriage. Mishti slaps Kunal to limit his cheap intentions. Abir gets in shock on seeing this moment.



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