Muskaan Sir ji returns creates huge havoc

Muskaan Sir ji returns creates huge havoc

Muskaan Sir ji returns creates huge havoc Ronak and Muskaan succeed to get rid of Maalik and his evil. They get tagged as Ram and Sita by the villagers, who are thankful to them for saving them from the Raavan. They thank Ronak and Muskaan for empowering them and helping them educate their children. The people want to live by their free will. They get grateful to Ronak and thanks him. Amma also values Ronak, who saved er sons. She thanks Ronak for the big favor. She wants to treat Ronak nicely. Ronak tells her that he has to leave for Kolkata, where his mum is waiting for him. He tells that Gayatri is waiting fo her son and bahu. Ronak and Muskaan leave for Kolkata.

Meanwhile, Bunty, Bua and Lovely wish that Ronak and Muskaan never come home. Gayatri gives them the good news that Ronak and Muskaan are coming home. Gayatri visits a temple to pray for them. Ronak and Muskaan plan to visit the temple to pray for Gayatri. Few thieves steal the precious chains from Muskaan and Gayatri. The chain snatchers trouble them. Ronak learns this and follows them to get the chains back. He fails to trace them. The thieves rush to a hospital to meet their boss. Ronak just succeeds to get the offerings sweets back.

Finally, Ronak and Muskaan return home after a long time. They unite with Gayatri. They promise to never leave her again. Gayatri makes them promise that they will never leave her. Muskaan assures to take care of Gayatri. Ronak and Gayatri want to punish Bua and Bunty, who had put Ronak in trouble in Vidhangarh. Gayatri asks Ronak to kick them out. Muskaan feels they should forgive them and keep them along. Ronak and Muskaan get a huge shock when Lovely shows a bar dancer’s attire and jewellery to Muskaan. Lovely doesn’t leave a chance to insult Muskaan. Ronak takes a stand for Muskaan when Lovely question Muskaan’s character. Gayatri decides to get Ronak and Muskaan married again. Sir ji will be soon making a re-entry to trouble Muskaan.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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