Kahaan Hum Engagement Shockers for Rohit Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Engagement Shockers for Rohit Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Engagement Shockers for Rohit Sonakshi Karan blackmails Rohit. He was threatening to defame Sonakshi. Rohit tells Yash and Veena about Karan, who is threatening him. Yash finds Karan a cheap man. Veena tells him that its unfair that such men emotionally use their relationship and blackmail. Rohit can’t tolerate this. He tells Veena that he doesn’t want to tell Sonakshi about this. Yash asks him to deal with Karan before the engagement. Yash accompanies Rohit while they meet Karan. Rohit hands over the money to him. When Karan talks cheap, Rohit angrily slaps him. This makes Karan shoot at Rohit and injure him. Yash gets the police on time and saves Rohit’s life.

Rohit gets treated on time. He returns home. Veena gives the good news that she has fixed Rohit and Sonakshi’s engagement. The family is very happy for Rohit. They get ahead with the arrangements. Rohit shares the news with Raima. He finds Raima upset. He asks her what’s the matter. She doesn’t tell anything. He likes the engagement suit sent by Sonakshi. He shows it to Raima. He tells him that he is getting the feel of marriage. Raima asks him to be happy, after all its Sonakshi’s choice.

She tells him that she will leave his house if there is awkwardness between Sonakshi and him because of him. He tells her that they are friends and they can share their hearts out. Raima asks him why is he depending on Sonakshi for every little thing. She knows he will suffer a heart break if he gets back in the relationship. She isn’t upset with his engagement. She has become his good friend. She warns him against handling the relationship in a wrong way. He tells her that he is giving Sonakshi the chance to make choices just to know about her, what she thinks about him. He wants Sonakshi to have an option so that they know their choices.

He assures that he will refuse to Sonakshi’s choice if he doesn’t like. He tells Raima that he didn’t get time for courtship, as the family wants him to settle down soon. He tells that Sonakshi can’t take her place, he wants Sonakshi to make her own place. She tells him that if he doesn’t question Sonakshi about things, then he can misunderstand Sonakshi again. She tells that its good that Sonakshi and Rohit have faith on each other. She wants him to discuss the matters with Sonakshi. Rohit and Raima accept the truth that their love is over now, and Rohit has moved on with Sonakshi. Raima decides to help them stay happy. There will be much drama in Rohit and Sonakshi’s engagement.

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  1. Raima ki jagaha sonakshi nahi le sakti Ye kya bol Diya tumne rohit fir sonakshi Kiski jagaha legi rohit ha tumne Kaha ki sonakshi aapni jagaha khud banaye to fir ab itne mahino me kya usne wo jagaha nahi banayee rohit Tumhare dil me usne itna Sab kuch kiya fir bhi jagaha nahi bani ya tumne nahi banayee but rohit Tum 4 saal ke pyaar ko bhul gaye aur sonakshi se pyaar karne lage uske deewane ban gaye uske liye pagal ho Ye koi mamuli baat nahi hai Ye tumhare liye kaafi hai and I am damn sure rohit ki sonakshi tumhare dil me Wo Raima ki jagaha legi aur khud ki bhi jagaha banayegi aur tumne socha bhi nahi hoga usase kahi jyada jagaha bana chuki hogi I love this show Khkt my favourite actress and actor deepika (sonakshi) karan (rohit) love ronakshi god bless you

  2. It’s a good show , esp coz you guys are not dragging the show . The flow is really good but why are you giving shock after shock . Why the hell are you not showing a good chemistry between your lead couple . Pls stop it hey crap , those villains coming from no where every time . At least let us enjoy some good chemistry between the two . Apart from these two characters , I like YK and Veena a lot . Calm and composed characters they are playing . Still congratulations for what I m enjoying so far .


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