Tellyreviews Patiala Babes Hits 3 Highlights

Tellyreviews Patiala Babes Top 3 Highlights

Tellyreviews Patiala Babes Hits 3 Highlights Babita apologizes to Minnie for forgetting her birthday. She plans a surprise for Minnie. She plans a day out with Minnie. She wants to spend the day with Minnie. She bakes a cake for Minnie. She gets Minnie’s favorite anklet. Hanuman also wants to get a nice gift for Minnie. Minnie gets emotional. Babita tells Minnie that she is the connecting link between Hanuman and her. Hanuman gifts the family photo to Minnie. His wonderful gift makes Babita and Minnie happy. Babita finds an apt place to fix their family picture. Minnie is very happy and at peace getting Babita’s love. She gets grateful to Hanuman.

Choti Sardaarni:

Meher gets nostalgic. She remembers her good days with Manav when she visits the Dhaba. Manav is still alive in her heart and memories. Meher recalls their sweet meetings at the Dhaba. She wanted to spend her life with Manav. She has lived a true relationship with Manav. She misses him every day. He is her first love. He means a lot to her. Meher feels the child is his last sign. She connects to the old things. She relives the old moments.


Lovely insults Muskaan by gifting her the dancer’s attire. She tells Muskaan that this is her identity of a bar dancer. Ronak defends his wife. He asks Lovely not to emotionally hurt Muskaan. Lovely curses Muskaan again. She tells Ronak that Muskaan had turned her into a widow, she doesn’t deserve happiness in her life. Gayatri tries hard to calm down Lovely. Ronak tells that Muskaan isn’t responsible for anything, Dipendar died for his own sins of supporting Sir ji. Lovely doesn’t accept this. She vents out anger on Muskaan. She goes to the extent of harming Muskaan, but Ronak’s timely entry saves Muskaan.

Gayatri calls a pandit home to fix Ronak and Muskaan’s remarriage date. She wants happiness to flow in their house like never before. Pandit proves an auspicious date. Gayatri announces the marriage. Sir ji meets the thieves and gets Muskaan’s chain. He realizes that Muskaan has managed to get saved from Maalik and returned to Kolkata from Vidhangarh. He wants to plot against Muskaan. Lovely blames Muskaan for her bad fate. She hides the knife by which she was planning to harm Muskaan. Ronak explains her that Sir ji was the evil source in their lives, Muskaan isn’t wrong.

He asks Lovely to forgive them and just be loving as before. Sir ji is admitted in the hospital after facing much burns in the blast accident. The hospital trustee meets Gayatri and requests her for a donation for poor patients. Gayatri wants to make the charity to get blessings for Ronak and Muskaan. They reach the hospital to donate the necessities. They come across Sir ji and don’t recognize him.

Doctors tell him that Sir ji’s burn injuries. Muskaan sympathizes with the patient. Sir ji stops Lovely from stabbing Muskaan. He wants to make a plan against Muskaan with the help of Lovely. He takes Lovely with him for a talk. Ronak finds the gold chain and realizes that it belongs to Gayatri. He tells Muskaan that the thief is around and they should carefully find him out.




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