Yeh Rishta Courtroom Promo Latest Spoilers

Yeh Rishta Courtroom Promo Latest Spoilers

Yeh Rishta Courtroom Promo Latest Spoilers There will be big courtroom drama in the custody battle. Damini finds out that Naira’s character is clean and there is no relationship facts about her. She wonders how to make the case against her. She gets a big proof against Naira, when she finds Naira aka Tina’s signed abortion consent form. She wants to bring this truth out in front of the court. She asks Kartik and Goenkas to let her handle the case her way and not intervene in the proceedings if they want to get Kairav’s custody. She tells Kartik that the evidence she holds, is their last hope to win the case. Kartik isn’t aware of her next move.

She tells the court that Naira had hidden the pregnancy truth from Kartik and moved out of his life. She tells that she didn’t wish to keep the child either and went to the hospital to abort the baby. She reveals how the abortion was called off in the last moment. She tells the court that Naira is heartless, since she wanted to abort the baby in her womb. She tells that Naira never deserved to become a mother and had a miscarriage before. She comments on her bad fate. She insults Naira based on the signed consent form.

She doesn’t know the truth behind Naira’s move. Naira bears the humiliation silently and doesn’t want to defend herself in the court. Kartik raises a voice to support Naira. Damini breaks limits to insult Naira for making a way to victory. She tells the court that Naira didn’t wish Kairav’s birth, she should not get Kairav’s custody. Kartik and family feel bad on hearing the taunts on Naira. Kartik sees Naira tears and reacts. He doesn’t want Naira to shed tears. He vents anger and warns Damini against speaking ill about Naira. He tells Damini that he can’t hear anything wrong about his Naira. Naira gets touched seeing Kartik’s love for her.

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  1. The ever best serial in my life.I loved it bcoz of aksh and naitik. When she died I stopped watching it by now naira and kartik is performing well and fantastic to be know as one of the favorite ones. Ya one thing which I dislike is they keep on changing characters bczz of few reasons and even make villain to the best characters. Bt still love u each and every character. Can’t u bring akshara back plzzzzzzzz

  2. @manishavinaik you are so right. All I want right now though is for Kartik and Naira to patch up. We want KaIra!!!!!
    And akshara was amazing as well, can’t you show that she survived the accident

  3. They can show that she was kidnapped and was taken to London and fake Akshara was there in the accident and when Naitik goes for some business work to London he sees Akshara and they both share a moment. Then they both come back to Singhania Sadan and tell everyone what had happened and then the family reunites with Kaira and Akshara-Naitik reuniting.

  4. Oh God have mercy … I’m so sick and tired of Naira’s squeaky voiced teary faced monotonous boring face . Why can’t poor Vedhika replace Naira ? Make her disappear like Hina Khan and allow her squeaky gawky self elsewhere …the world is wide andclarge …I just can’t imagine her staying on here and the audience taste ????????☹️??????????????????☠️
    Enough is enough…we all need a breath of fresh air….so please have pity and do something to make Naira DISAPPEAR


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