Muskaan Star Bharat Highlights Today

Muskaan Star Bharat Highlights Today

Muskaan Star Bharat Highlights Today Ronak and Muskaan find Gayatri’s chain in the hospital. They realize that the thief is still in the hospital. Ronak looks for the thief everywhere. He wants to find him out and bash him. Muskaan helps Ronak in the search. The patient takes Lovely with him. He tells her that he has seen her attacking Muskaan. He asks her what’s the trauma that she was taking this step. She breaks down. He tells her that he had an amazing family, but they changed and stabbed his back. She tells him that she lost her husband because of Muskaan. She tells that she can never change her fate now. He tells her that their fate depends on them. He tells that she is like his daughter. Ronak and Muskaan reach them. They take Lovely home.

Lovely tells Gayatri that she wants to visit the hospital every day. She seems positive. This relieves Ronak and Muskaan. Lovely asks Muskaan to have dinner with them. She hurts Muskaan’s hand. She wants to change Muskaan’s fate. She still has enmity. Ronak cares for Muskaan. They have a moment. Hanumant informs them that Gayatri is calling Muskaan. Ronak scolds him for his wrong timing. Hanumant knows Ronak isn’t good at romance. He challenges Ronak. Ronak tries hard to meet Muskaan and fulfill the romance challenge.

Gayatri and Hanumant hinder the romance. Hanumant tells Muskaan about the new challenge. Ronak tells Hanumant that Muskaan is also poor at romance. He also challenges Muskaan. Ronak and Muskaan have a sweet romantic moment. Bua troubles Muskaan by asking her to undergo medical tests. He tells Ronak that Muskaan maybe having Aids, since she had lived in Vidhangarh and maybe injected her to transmit the disease. Ronak believes in Muskaan. He tells them that Muskaan stayed in Lanka, but still she is pure. Bua asks Muskaan to undergo the tests at least for Ronak’s safety. Muskaan and Ronak agree to get their tests done. They aren’t aware of Lovely’s evil plans.


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