Sanjivani Upcoming Sid rejects Ishani’s love Shocking

Sanjivani Upcoming Sid rejects Ishani's love Shocking

Sanjivani Upcoming Sid rejects Ishani’s love Shocking Jessica falls down the chair because of her weakness. Jessica tells them that she fell down by slipping during the dance. Shashank and Sid understand that she collapsed. Sid wants to care for Jessica. The Sanjivani family get relieved finding she is fine. Juhi gives them a good news that Jessica’s treatment will be happening in USA. She tells them that the cancer specialist has taken Jessica’s case and would be giving her a new life soon. Jessica, Jignesh and Philo’s stress gets more low when Juhi tells them that the treatment expenses are already arranged by Sanjivani family.

Juhi tells them that Philo has worked hard for Sanjivani and has a relation with everyone in Sanjivani. She tells them that Jessica’s treatment will happen well, the operation will be successful. Juhi wants the younger lots to dance and celebrate the good news. Sid and Ishani have a dance. Rishabh apologizes to Ishani for putting up her posters and getting her humiliated. He asks her for a dance. Ishani dances with Rishabh to make Sid jealous. Sid can’t see her with Rishabh. He doesn’t understand why he is feeling jealous.

Sid and Ishani perform dance and enjoy their togetherness. Ishani feels love for Sid once again. She gets helpless to her feelings. Vardaan wants to upset Anjali and anger her to the limit that she comes to share her sorrow with him. He asks Rishabh to get Shashank and Juhi on the dance floor, so that she gets upset. Rishabh announces Shashank and Juhi’s dance. Anjali hinders the dance performance. She is worried for Shashank’s high BP. She dislikes Juhi. Shashank doesn’t listen to Anjali. He fulfills everyone’s wish. Shashank dances with Juhi. Anjali gets miffed seeing them dancing. She didn’t wish to see them together.

She feels losing out her place in Shashank’s life. Shashank and Juhi find themselves in a tricky situation. Juhi confronts Shashank to know if he loves her. He loves Juhi and likes to spend time with her. He wants Juhi to realize his feelings on her own and decide if its love. He wants his feelings to reach her heart. Asha and Sid’s uncle trick Ishani and Sid while applying mehendi. Sid and Ishani dance.

Ishani doesn’t see Sid’s name written on her palm. Similarly, Sid doesn’t see Ishani’s name on his hand. They get into a moment. When he sees his name, he loses his cool. He doesn’t want to fall in love. He vents anger on Ishani. He rejects her love and warns her. He doesn’t want to see her face again and asks her to stay away. Ishani is left disturbed after witnessing Sid’s anger.

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