Kumkum Bhagya Pragya recollects King’s love

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya recollects King's love

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya recollects King’s love Pragya is much hurt that Abhi isn’t believing her and supporting Priyanka. Ranbir tries to meet Prachi. Abhi realizes that Rishi is wrong and sympathizes with Priyanka. He hates the fact that Pragya got Rishi bailed out. He promises Priyanka that he will protect her. Priyanka makes him emotional and reminds how much he cared for her. She tells him that Rishi is mentally unstable. She asks him to limit Rishi and remove him from her life. He assures that Rishi will get punished. Pragya takes Rishi home. She tries to keep things normal.

Sarita worries on seeing Rishi’s injuries. Pragya lies about him. Rishi is grateful to her for the support. Pragya wants to meet Abhi again. Prachi confronts Rishi about his injuries. She doesn’t believe him. Ranbir meets Prachi. On the other hand, Purab is in dilemma about Disha. He wants to meet Abhi and discuss the problem. Abhi feels glad to get Purab’s support. He tells him about his meeting with Pragya. He tells that they had a clash of opinions once again like they had in the past. Purab asks him to be clear.

Abhi reveals about Priyanka and Rishi’s case. He tells Purab that Pragya is supporting Rishi, knowing he is a molester. He gets in two minds over the truth. Purab asks Abhi and Pragya not to fight for strangers. Abhi feels Priyanka is like his daughter Rhea. He doesn’t think his life is getting set. He wanted to ask about his other daughter. Purab tells him that its good that Pragya didn’t meet Rhea. He tells that maybe his elder daughter dislikes him.

He asks Abhi not to hurry in meeting his daughter, until Pragya and he explain the truth to their daughters. Ranbir argues with Prachi for her lie. He suspects Prachi for partying with Rishi. Rishi tells Ranbir that he is related to Prachi, he isn’t any third person in their story. Ranbir gets happy knowing Rishi is like a brother for Prachi. He gets relieved of the tension. Pragya seeks help from the lawyer. She tells him that Priyanka framed Rishi in the molestation case. Lawyer tells Pragya that case is going in Priyanka’s favor. Ritik and Disha help Pragya and make a plan to expose Priyanka’s truth.

Lawyer asks them to collect proof against Priyanka. Priyanka gets determined to get Rishi by hook or crook. Pragya doesn’t want Disha to ignore Ritik’s feelings. She asks Disha not to hurt Ritik. She misses King and feels sorry for his one sided love. She tells Disha that Abhi and she would have been together, if she noticed King’s feelings in time. She asks Disha not to give false hopes to Ritik. Disha has no feelings for Ritik. She doesn’t want a second chance in life. Pragya helps Disha in realizing Ritik’s love. Ritik cares for Disha. Pragya finds them a good pair.

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  1. Remove Ranbir part from the serial Kumkum bhagya.His is the useless and waste character in the serial.
    Viewers get bored to see his character and his parents the Koily family.Ranbir’s arguments with Prachi is disgusting and hateful
    Even Purab and Aliya’s parts are boring

  2. Limitless and endless story. Always Abhi purab same discussion no conclusion to their problem. Koi bi naye character kisi time pe achanak pyda ho jaa te hai. what was the need of rishi and priyanka.
    There is no meaning for Kumkum bhagya. Agar sach mai bhagya hota to abhi pragya, purab disha saalo tak Q bichad jaate hai. Kisi ko bi apno par baros hi nahi hai to Q pyar ka natak karte ho. Is serial me unwanted cheeze aur baate zyda dikka rahe hai, story tho main track mai hai hi nahi sab golmaal chal raha. Is serial ka sab characters ka personality baada moork aur fools jaisa dikayi jaa raha hai.


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