Star Plus Hotstar Prime Colors Spoilers Top 2 Shows

Star Plus Hotstar Prime Colors Spoilers Top 2 Shows

Star Plus Hotstar Prime Colors Spoilers Top 2 Shows Gathbandhan Raghu and Akshay are competing to get Dhanak. Raghu’s plan fails miserably. He loses out to Akshay. Akshay tells Dhanak that Ronak has fallen unconscious inside the cupboard. Dhanak hugs Ronak and gets too worried. She asks Akshay how did he come inside Raghu’s house. He asks her not to question him and instead question Raghu, who had locked up Ronak during the play. Dhanak doesn’t think and scolds Raghu. Raghu tells Dhanak that he asked Ronak to hide inside the room, not the cupboard. Dhanak gets hyper and asks Raghu to accept his mistake. Maai asks Dhanak to hear out Raghu’s explanation once.

Dhanak is angered since Raghu’s mistake was costing Ronak’s life. She doesn’t want to forgive Raghu. Maai consoles Raghu. She knows he can never hurt Ronak. Raghu wants to know how did Ronak get locked inside the cupboard. He will know that Akshay manipulated Ronak. Maai stays positive since she has big plans on her mind. She wants to separate Raghu and Dhanak. Dhanak keeps a fast for Raghu to pray for his long life. Akshay gets upset watching their moment. He reminds Dhanak that Raghu is compelling her to stay in the house, just for Ronak’s sake.

He asks her not to fall for Raghu again. He asks her if she forgot Raghu’s crimes. Dhanak tells Akshay that she doesn’t know if she is right or not, but the time demands such. She tells Akshay that she wants to leave from Raghu’s life, but she can never wish bad for him. Raghu gets hopeful that Dhanak still loves him. Raghu is getting proved wrong in her eyes. He finds her following the traditions. He also decides to keep a fast for her.

He wants to prove his love for Dhanak. Akshay makes a plan to break Dhanak’s Karwachauth fast. He wants to create a misunderstanding between Dhanak and Raghu. Raghu gets alert of Akshay’s plans. He outsmarts Akshay to make him run. He upsets Akshay’s stomach and makes him busy in the washroom.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:
Sumit and Raima make plans to unite Rohit with his love Sonakshi. Raima is playing new tricks with a good intention. Everyone has given the consent for Rohit’s marriage. Naren also agrees for their marriage. Raima wants Rohit to marry soon, without delaying it further. She doubts that Rohit and Sonakshi are taking their relationship lightly. Raima wants Sonakshi to differentiate between reel and real lives.

Raima wants to bring Rohit and Sonakshi closer, so that they get helpless to marry soon. She spreads the news in the media about Rohit and Sonakshi’s engagement. Sonakshi’s fans get happy on receiving the news. They find Rohit a good match for Sonakshi. Raima doesn’t want any hindrance or drama in the marriage. Sonakshi’s obsessed lover will pose big troubles by planning to kidnap Sonakshi. He reaches close to her by taking the watchman’s disguise. Will Rohit be able to save Sonakshi from the kidnapping? Keep reading.

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  1. KHKT pls stop too much unrealistic drama , show a good chemistry with Arijit and Sonakshi , even Raima deserves to be happy and u think now Sumit is good for her


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