Tellyreviews Hits Patiala Babes Shakti Top 3 Spoilers

Tellyreviews Hits Patiala Babes Shakti Top 3 Spoilers

Tellyreviews Hits Patiala Babes Shakti Guddan Spoilers Soumya teaches boxing to Heer. Mahi has become Heer’s enemy totally. She gets against Soumya and Preeto as well. Soumya wants Heer to become strong so that she can face her life’s problems herself. She has decided to support Heer in every phase of her life. Moreover, Mahi has played a cheap trick to bring out Heer’s kinner truth. She poisons Heer’s food to send her to the doctor. She tries to harm Mahi. This fact hurts Preeto’s heart. Preeto stops Mahi from succeeding.

She vents anger on Mahi and hurts her as well. She scolds Mahi for not having a heart of a mother. Mahi triggers Preeto’s anger. Preeto slaps Mahi and curses her for being a stain on motherhood. Soumya doesn’t let Heer know her mum’s crime. Soumya is determined to encourage Heer always. She also wants Heer’s brothers to protect her. She fears Harak’s violent reaction on learning the news.

Patiala Babes: Minnie gets happy when Hanuman wishes her for her exam. Her family gets complete with Hanuman. She had misunderstandings about Babita. Everything gets clear on her mind. She prepares for her exams. She tells Babita that she is rushing to her college. She tells that its a tough exam and she has to revise the subject also. Hanumant asks her to write well and not miss any question. Babita is happy that their family is finally moving on together. He tells her that the credit goes to her. He admires Babita.

Ronak and Muskaan get ready for their engagement. Ronak can’t believe the HIV test reports. He tells the family that the reports are positive. This shocks the entire family. Ronak learns that Lovely has tricked them to stop the engagement. He exposes Lovely’s plans. Ronak tells Gayatri that engagement won’t stop at any cost. Ronak dances with Muskaan. He expresses his happiness. He takes Muskaan to the stage.

They have a ring exchange ceremony. Ronak and Muskaan are marrying once again. They have a cute challenge. The kiss challenge gets funny series of moments between them. Muskaan wants to kiss him, but he runs being shy away. She feels he is not good at romance. She is more daring than her. She chases him to kiss. Ronak gets scared of her.


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