YRKKH Kahaan Hum Choti Sardaarni Guddan Spoilers

YRKKH Kahaan Hum Choti Sardaarni Guddan Spoilers

YRKKH Kahaan Hum Choti Sardaarni Guddan Spoilers Kartik and Naira have another argument, when he learns that she had really considered to abort their child. He wants to know the reason for her move. He asks Naira how did the abortion get cancelled when she has gone for it to the OT. Naira doesn’t want to share the sorrowful moments of that day. Kartik imagines Naira packing her bags and taking Kairav away with her. He can’t let this happen. He stops her from going anywhere. He asks her to stop her madness. Naira brings him to senses. He tells her that this time she will be going alone and Kairav will stay with him. She tells him that Kairav is her son. He reminds that Kairav is their son.

They get into a fight. Kairav finds them fighting and learns about custody. He realizes that they are separating him. He gets scared and runs away. He falls down the stairs. He gets too disturbed and tells them that he hates both of them. Kartik and Naira try to save their child. Kartik’s dream makes him scared. Naira tells Kartik that she wants to have a settlement. She doesn’t want them to turn their fight ugly. Kartik realizes he has done wrong with Naira. He vents anger on hurting himself. Naira rushes to pray in a church. She sheds tears and shares her sorrow.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:

Sonakshi and Rohit’s marriage gets fixed. Rastogis and Sippys perform dance and get happy. Rohit learns that Naren is also convinced about Sonakshi. He is glad that Naren isn’t posing hurdles. Raima is very happy for Rohit. Rohit plays a prank and tells Sonakshi that he wants dowry. Sonakshi and Suman wonder what does he mean. Rohit asks Sonakshi to invite Madhuri as guest in their marriage. Sonakshi tells him that this is really tough for her. She still promises to make his wish come true. Sonakshi’s psycho lover follows her. He finds her with Rohit. He starts creating problems for her.

Choti Sardaarni:

Meher and Sarabjeet have a pillow fight. Param witnesses this. He asks them not to fight like kids. He shouts to put a stop at their fight. Param tells them that he will not play with them, fighting is really bad. He takes their class. He scolds them like their parents. He teaches them manners. He threatens that he will not sleep with them. Sarabjeet stops him from leaving the room. He holds Meher’s hand and acts like a good husband. He tells Param that he will patch up with Meher. He doesn’t want his son to get upset. He praises Meher. She praises Sarabjeet in return for the sake of Param. Param comes back to the room when he finds them normalizing. He wants them to stay with love always.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Alisha angers Akshat by marrying Parv. She keeps the condition that she will just marry Parv. She makes Guddan accept the conditions. She gets stubborn. She wants Guddan to support her, so that Akshat gets angry on Guddan. Akshat tells Alisha that Parv is an evil guy. He doesn’t want her to ruin her life. He loses his cool. He bashes up Parv. He calls the police home. He tells them that Parv is already married to Revati.

Revati produces the divorce papers and clears Parv’s name. Alisha is doing this to torture Akshat and Jindal. She wants Guddan to leave the house. She has big motives in mind. Guddan loses to Alisha. She asks Akshat to stay with his daughter. She gets helpless. She wants to leave the house if Alisha wants the complete rights on her family. Akshat and Guddan get separated again because of Alisha.



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