Kundali Bhagya Colors Shakti Bahu Begum

Kundali Bhagyaa Quick Preview Karan Preeta Tashan

Kundali Bhagya Colors Shakti Bahu Begum Rishabh tells Karan that a wife always keeps fast for her husband even if they had fought before. Karan stops eating apple hearing this and thinks of Preeta. Rishabh says sometimes all the arguments and fights end with the fast and everything becomes fine and happy in the house. Preeta feels sorry to Sarla and God and thinks how to make her understand that she wants to fast for Karan. Sarla doesn’t know that Preeta has kept fast for Karan.

Shakti: Everyone panic seeing Heer missing. Rohan says Soham is missing too. Preeto and Soumya get worried for Heer. Soumya saves Heer again from Vedant as he tries to kidnap her fooling Soham. Heer applies tilak to Soumya. Soumya aims arrow at him. Vedant asks her to shoot. He says he is Ravan and asks her to fire the arrow and give him Ravan’s death. Soumya aims arrow at him. Vedant has planned to get Saya burnt with Ravan’s Dahan.

Bahu Begum: Razia is surprised to see Azaan’s inclination towards Ghazala. The lawyer comes home and tells Azaan that Judge has accepted his divorce papers. Azaan says thank God. The lawyer asks when are you going. Azaan asks where? Lawyer says after leaving this house. Azaan asks what is he saying. Noor asks about it. Lawyer says the clause that you are giving this house and everything to Noor as the settlement. Shayra and Azaan look at Noor. Noor is clueless about the happenings and tries to make them understand.

A new secret will be getting revealed. Noor rushes to her room, while Razia stops everyone from searching the room for evidence. She wants Azaan and Shayra to search the room. Noor returns the property to Azaan. She tells him that she has no interest in his friendship. Azaan gets the real papers from Noor’s room. He suspects her. Noor becomes the target of everyone’s suspicion. The evil trio try to make Azaan and Shayra against Noor. Noor gets humiliated. She doesn’t want to be tagged as thief.

She fails to tolerate her mum’s insult. Noor blames Surayya. She tells Surayya that she won’t accept the blame if the papers are planted in her room. She curses the culprit. Ghazala asks Shayra not to believe Noor now. She proves the evidences against Noor. Noor burns the paper to prove her innocence. Noor troubles Ghazala to settle scores. Ghazala feigns a heart attack and wins Azaan’s sympathy once again.

Raja Beta: Vedant brings Purva to the hall and tells that she has crossed all limits to stay in the Sanjeevani Sadan. He asks her to leave. Dadi says where she will go at night and asks him to send her in the morning. Vedant says no Dadi, holds Purva’s hand and takes her out of the house, while Manjula runs behind him to stop him. She stops Vedant from throwing Purva out. Pankhudi gets tensed seeing Manjula stopping Purva.

Jadu Hai Jinn Ka


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