Rishtey Pyar Mehul trump card strikes Abir’s happiness

Rishtey Pyar Mehul trump card strikes Abir's happiness

Rishtey Pyar Mehul trump card strikes Abir’s happiness Abir wants Mishti happy. He doesn’t want her to bear Meenakshi’s hatred. He thinks it will be good if they stay nuclear after their marriage, so that there is peace in family and their lives as well. Mishti doesn’t think that they should get separated from family. She knows the worth of family. She doesn’t want Abir to leave his family, who loves him so much. Mishti respects his emotions. They find Mehul with Meenakshi’s necklace. Mishti questions him about it. Mehul tries to get Abir’s sympathy by his indirect speech. Mishti asks Abir to let Mehul clearly tell them about the necklace first. She suspects Mehul’s intentions.

Abir questions Mehul about lying to him. Mehul lies to them once again to cover up his crime. He tells Abir that he wanted to find Meenakshi’s necklace so that the family doesn’t doubt him for the theft. He cooks up a story instantly and wins their trust. Mishti is happy that he has done a lot to find Meenakshi’s necklace. Mehul comes up with a sickness drama to stop them. He asks them to take him home.

Nanu and Parul suggest Meenakshi to accept Mishti if she wants to defeat Mehul. Meenakshi is in a fix. She doesn’t want to accept Mishti. She gets troubled. She faces Mehul, who wins Abir once again. She gets a bad shock when Abir behaves rudely while defending his dad. Abir’s misbehavior upsets the family. Nanu asks Meenakshi to make a move to defeat Mehul, since its high time. Elsewhere, Kuhu stays sad in her own zone. She lies to Varsha that she is happy and partying with her friends. She wants to share her problem with Mishti. She meets Kunal, who questions her love.

Kunal is much disturbed since the video of the slap incident got him humiliated in his own office. He tells Kuhu that she had claimed to love him. He asks her if she doesn’t care for his respect. Kuhu doesn’t want to fall in his words and charm. She hates him since he is the person who is giving her divorce. He tells her that he deserved the slap, since he isn’t in his senses. She doesn’t want to admit her love to him. She asks him to just remember the fact that he is divorcing her. She doesn’t want to help him. Kunal is left alone. He blames Mishti for this day. Mishti learns that Mehul is fine and was just making sickness excuse to come home. She wonders the reason for his drama. Abir tells Mehul that he doesn’t like such drama.

Mehul lightens the moment. Mishti tells Mehul that she has decided to live with family after marriage. She tells that she can’t make Abir part ways with his family. Mehul explains her that Meenakshi will never accept her, since none can change her first formed opinion. Abir also feels he should live with his family. Abir and Mishti spend time. Mishti tells him that she will always keep him united with family. She tells him that she will try to win Meenakshi’s heart. Abir finds himself lucky to get a good hearted girl like Mishti.

She also feels fortunate. Meenakshi makes a surprising move by fixing Abir and Mishti’s alliance. This comes as a surprise for Abir and Mishti. Kunal learns about Meenakshi’s new plans. He informs Abir about Meenakshi’s move to make the prenuptial agreement. Abir’s heart breaks and he gets against Meenakshi once again. Did Mehul play this trick to break Abir from his family? Keep reading.

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