Tellyreviews 5 Super Hits Spoilers Today

Tellyreviews 5 Super Hits Spoilers Today

Tellyreviews 5 Super Hits Spoilers Today Shakti Maharani makes a return to create a storm in Soumya’s life. Maharani is a kinner, who was against Harman and Soumya. She kidnaps some kids. She also gets Heer along. Heer gets kidnapped. She parts away from Soumya. Soumya and entire family pray for Heer. They want to find her. Heer gets an idea and throws the spare car number plate out of the window. She gives a hint to Soumya about her location.

Bahu Begum:
Azaan and Shayra have a romantic moment whole they decorate their house with lamps and colours. Ghazala troubles Noor. She demands Noor to join her team and obey her. She wants to employ Noor in her evil plans. Noor refuses to hurt Azaan. Noor calls some goons to beat up Azaan. She asks the goons to break Azaan’s bones. Shayra gets worried and asks Noor what is she doing. Noor and Azaan play a prank on Shayra. Azaan tells Shayra that these guys aren’t goons, but their childhood friends. He apologizes to Shayra. Noor calls their friends to cancel Azaan and Shayra’s honeymoon. She is being compelled by Ghazala. The family celebrates Diwali with Azaan’s friends.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer has lost Zara forever. He sheds tears in her memory. He can’t believe that Zara left him alone forever. He falls depressed. He is much heartbroken. He wanted Zara’s happiness. The family mourns for Zara. Shahbaz and Ruksar are responsible for Zara’s death. They act to be upset for Zara’s loss. They don’t want to fall in Kabeer’s eyes. Kabeer leaves the house. He walks on the road madly while remembering Zara. His sorrow gets surfacing. He imagines Zara with him. He thinks Zara had given her consent for their engagement, he was also changing for her, but the accident snatches Zara from him. Zara will return to punish Ruksar for her crimes.

Maai expresses her hatred for Dhanak. She tries to kill Dhanak. She suffocates Dhanak and scolds her. Dhanak falls weak when Maai admits the entire truth to her. Dhanak can’t believe that Raghu was never wrong. She learns Maai and Bharat’s conspiracies to separate Raghu and her. Dhanak fights back. She ties up Maai and threatens to expose her truth to Raghu.

Choti Sardarni:
Kulwant learns that Meher has left Sarabjeet’s house. She begs Sarabjeet to tell her about Meher. He tells her that Meher has done wrong with him. He is angry over the money scam. Meher left the house when Sarabjeet blamed her for the scam and showed mistrust. Kulwant tells him that Meher can never steal money, someone else would be responsible for the fraud. Sarabjeet doesn’t listen to her.

Kulwant tells him that Meher is righteous, she isn’t a gold digger. He asks her to just leave. Bittu gets his lover home to introduce her to Kulwant. He thinks that Kulwant will kill his lover also, as she has killed Manav. Kulwant accepts the girl as her bahu. She finds Bittu with the gun. She angrily asks him to kill her. She slaps him and throws him out of the house. She regrets that her children don’t trust her.



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