Kahan Hum StarPlus YRKKH Latest Spoilers

Kahan Hum StarPlus YRKKH Latest Spoilers

Kahan Hum StarPlus YRKKH Latest Spoilers Rohit reaches Sonakshi’s set as his bodyguard. She asks him what is he doing at her set, when he has to treat his patients. He tells her that he can leave his patients, since he has hired a specialist in his place, but none can replace his duties in her life. He tells her that he has come to protect her, he can’t let anyone misbehave with her. He surprises her by his wonderful gesture. Netra celebrates the show’s success with Sonakshi and Rohit. Sonakshi files the complaint about Mahesh. The police reaches on the sets.

They find the engagement ring with Rohit’s driver Ravi. He angrily loses his cool and slaps Ravi. He suspects that Ravi had been creating hurdles in his engagement. Sonakshi trusts Ravi. She asks Rohit not to insult Ravi. Rohit feels Ravi has back stabbed him when he treated him as a family member. Rohit doesn’t listen to Ravi. Mahesh enjoys the drama. He stays close to Sonakshi. He wants to reach her again to profess his obsessed love.

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Saltanat gets Rupali to Madhav’s house. She tells Madhav that she met Rupali on the way, Rupali got hit by her car. Zaroon informs the incident to his family. Nilam cries knowing Madhav’s wife has returned in his life. Rupali tries to gain Saltanat’s sympathy. Indu is angered seeing Rupali’s photo. Sneha informs her that Rupali has come home. Indu keeps Krish away. She scolds Rupali a lot, which shocks Saltanat. Nilam is upset that Saltanat got Rupali back, knowing she loves Madhav. Hamza learns that Nilam is in love with Madhav. Saltanat asks Madhav to defend his wife’s respect. She asks him to speak in her favor.

Madhav doesn’t say anything. Rupali begs him. Madhav tells Saltanat that he isn’t ready to get Rupali back in his life. He asks Rupali to leave. Rupali faints down. Nilam wants to meet Madhav. Hamza slaps Nilam. He doesn’t want Nilam to go through the same pain. He warns Zaroon. Rupali tells Saltanat that she should leave from the house. She cries to win her trust. Madhav doesn’t want Saltanat to trust her. Sneha tells Indu that they can better kill Rupali. Saltanat asks Madhav to accept Rupali. Madhav doesn’t listen to her.

Zaroon tries to call Saltanat. He overhears Madhav and Saltanat’s conversation. She asks Madhav to forgive Rupali. She tells him that Zaroon came in Kainat’s words and stabbed her, still she has forgiven him. Zaroon gets hurt hearing her words. Madhav tells her that he isn’t Zaroon. Jugal misbehaves with Rupali. Saltanat and Madhav beat up Jugal and teach him a lesson.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik runs and get Kairav from the fire. He scolds Kairav for his silly move. Kairav gets hurt and hugs Naira. Kartik feels like losing his life. Naira explains Kairav that Kartik loves him a lot. Kairav doesn’t listen to Kartik. He runs away from him. Naira asks Kartik to let her handle Kairav. Kartik wants to know what’s bothering Kairav. Kairav thinks Kartik doesn’t love Naira, he has always been fighting her and giving her sorrow. He starts developing dislike for Kartik.
Kartik and Naira forget their differences and plan Kairav’s birthday. Kartik tears Kartik’s photo in anger. Bitterness enters his innocent mind.



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