Kasauti Bajaj exit Anurag Prerna accident twist

Kasautii Bajaj awaited entry Anurag Prerna tale drags

Kasauti Bajaj exit Anurag Prerna accident twist Ronit warns Komolika against going to Anurag and revealing her identity. He tells her that Anurag will get her arrested on knowing her truth. He asks her not to have wrong hopes, this will just defame her. Komolika slaps him in anger. She doesn’t want to see Anurag and Prerna’s marriage. She is much angered and stops him from coming in her way. Prerna gets decked up for her marriage. Mr. Bajaj gets mesmerized by her beauty. He thinks he shall leave from Basu house, since he can’t tolerate Prerna going to someone else. He asks Maasi and Tanvi to convince Cookie, so that they can leave right away.

Mr. Bajaj bids bye to Prerna and Anurag. He tells Prerna that he is leaving, he will miss her a lot. He gives her a letter to express his feelings. He goes away with a heavy heart. He writes his feelings and gives best wishes. He wants to help her always. She reads his emotional letter. He assures that he is always there for her. Mr. Bajaj also congratulates Anurag. He reveals that he is leaving from their lives. He warns Anurag to keep Prerna happy, else he will come back in her life to take care of her.

Anurag assures that he will always keep Prerna happy. He meets his would be bride. He praises her bridal avatar. He mentions about the Mata blessings chunri distributed at a temple. She expresses her wish to get a chunri. Anurag tells her that he will bring it in time. She doesn’t want him to go. Anurag doesn’t listen to her and wants to fulfill her wish. Prerna finally reveals her pregnancy truth to Anurag. He can’t believe it. He gets thrilled knowing about his baby. He rushes to the temple, without listening to Mohini.

He wants to fulfill Prerna’s demands all life. Mohini is worried for Anurag. Basus welcome Nivedita home. Komolika gets mad for Anurag. She feels he loves her. She is mistaken about his feelings. She wants to meet him and return in his life. Ronit is angry on himself since he did this mistake to inform Komolika about Anurag’s marriage. Anurag manages to get the chunri. He comes in Komolika’s sight. He is happy to get blessings for Prerna. Komolika turns raging to take the extreme step. Anurag meets with a deadly accident. Prerna and Mohini sense Anurag is in danger. Komolika wants to save Anurag and plot her re-entry with a new identity.

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