Kasautii Zindagi Anurag marries Komolika Prerna shocked

Kasautii Zindagi Anurag marries Komolika Prerna shocked

Kasautii Zindagi Anurag marries Komolika Prerna shocked Prerna awaits her groom Anurag. She senses that something wrong is about to happen with him. Komolika commits Anurag’s accident in anger. She then thinks of saving Anurag’s life to get back to him. She wants his love at any cost. Mohini fears that a storm is coming towards them. Anurag meets the deadly accident. Anurag fails to keep his promise to Prerna. Their marriage doesn’t happen. Komolika doesn’t want him to become of Prerna. Prerna sheds tears when Anurag goes missing. Basus and Prerna hope for Anurag’s return. After a short leap of one month, Basus are seen happily living with Prerna. Mohini avoids Prerna. She misses Anurag a lot.

Prerna takes care of Anurag’s family. Mohini plans to do some charity at the temple so that she can get blessings for Anurag. She wants Anurag to come back soon. She doesn’t live hope. Even Prerna keeps high hopes. The family yearn for Anurag. Moloy doesn’t want Mohini to blame Prerna. Mohini feels Prerna’s demand for chunri has snatched Anurag from them. Moloy knows Prerna is also shattering within. Prerna shows her belief that Anurag will come for her. Moloy tells Mohini that he has found about Anurag’s accident. Mohini wants the details of Anurag’s whereabouts. She asks him to speak to the commissioner.

Moloy wants her to take care of Prerna as well, since Prerna is pregnant. Mohini and Prerna get a feeling that Anurag has come home. Anurag really returns home but brings a shocker for the family. He remembers his family, but not Prerna. He suffers partial memory loss. Prerna gets a good omen when the sindoor falls over her hairline. She recalls her sindoor moment with Anurag. She stays lost in his memories. The family gets a huge surprise when Anurag comes home, fit and fine, very much sound like before. Anurag tells them about his deadly accident and his angelic savior who gave him a new life.

Mohini gets grateful to the savior. Anurag introduces Komolika as his wife. He apologizes to the family for not seeking their permission for marriage. Prerna can’t believe this, that Anurag has forgotten her and married Komolika. The family doesn’t recognize Komolika due to her new face. Komolika becomes Basus’ bahu. Prerna is ready to fight for her love Anurag. She loves Anurag a lot. She can do anything to get her love back. She faces a new challenge in the form of Komolika.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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Kulfi Kumar


  1. Worst script..How many time anurag will have accident? Ekta Kapoor please hire some good writers or else nobody will be interested to watch this seriel.

  2. its good while anurag and prerna are together why the hell does villans have to pop up everytime and how many more accidents are gonna come? lol. TBH, WORST SCRIPT.


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