Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Sikandar deceives Kulfi

Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Sikandar deceives Kulfi

Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Sikandar deceives Kulfi Sikandar gets Kulfi home. He wants her to stay happy. He hides his illness from everyone. Kulfi is happy that her dad is fine. She doesn’t want him to hurt Fateh. She reminds his promise. She asks him to fulfill his promise. Sikandar agrees to her. He releases Fateh. Fateh gets tensed that the kidnapper is going to kill him. Sikandar apologizes to him for hurting him so much. He asks Fateh to go home to his family and live a good life. He advises him not to become evil like his dad. Kulfi is happy that Sikandar fulfilled his promise. She tells him that she has got his good father back. She doesn’t want any money or house back by walking on the wrong path.

Fateh runs away to his family. Sikandar also feels peace that he has done the right thing. He didn’t wish to hurt a child. Amyra asks them what’s the secret they are hiding. Kulfi doesn’t tell her anything. Sikandar organizes a party in the chawl to separate their togetherness. Fateh gets caught by Sikandar again. He asks Sikandar why did he break his promise. Sikandar tells Raju that he is helpless to kidnap Fateh. He knows that he will fall in Kulfi’s eyes if she learns the truth. Sikandar and chawl people enjoy the party.

Kulfi is sure that good will happen to them. She asks Sikandar to be assured. The chawl people get happy that lights and water supply got restored. Sikandar tells her that her word has turned true. He lies to her. He asks Raju about Fateh. He wants to be sure that Fateh is still captive. Raju is happy that Jimmy is agreeing to their conditions. Sikandar knows they can’t win soon, Jimmy is much cunning. He knows Jimmy can do anything against him. Inspector Tejaswini gets into action. She gets the goons arrested.

She comes up with a plan to trap Sikandar. Jimmy informs him that he is going to meet Sikandar. Jimmy meets Sikandar and asks him not to pretend. Sikandar pretends innocent. Jimmy suspects him. He asks him to take his property papers back. He asks Sikandar to just return his son to him. He fulfills Sikandar’s demands. Sikandar denies to know about the kidnapping. Jimmy gets enraged that Sikandar is playing this drama. Sikandar’s behavior shocks Jimmy. He asks Jimmy to leave from the chawl. Jimmi gets scared of angry chawl people. Sikandar tells them that Jimmy won’t trouble anyone from now. He feels a big victory. Tejaswini follows Sikandar to reach Fateh.

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