Kahaan Hum Kahaan Spoilers Sufiyana Pyaar Lined

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Spoilers Sufiyana Pyaar Lined

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Spoilers Sufiyana Pyaar Lined Sippys and Rastogis meet to discuss the marriage arrangements. Sippys don’t take the discussion well, knowing Suman has got all sponsors for the wedding. They don’t want the wedding to become a charity one. Raima also gives her suggestions. Sonakshi doesn’t like it. She tells Raima that its strange and unfair to keep different songs for both the teams. Raima tells her that Rohit always jokes about her. Rohit supports Raima. He wants Sonakshi to become classy. Raima knows Rohit’s choice well. Rohit and Sonakshi decide the Sangeet function, where there will be a dance competition between both the families. Rohan doesn’t join Sippys team.

He joins Pari, since he likes her. He isn’t happy that Deepa is threatening him. He cleverly fools Tanya. The clash for the songs and teams get sorted. Sonakshi congratulates Rohan and Tanya for their good news. Pari gets upset knowing about Tanya’s pregnancy. She still doesn’t care. She just wants Rohan with her. Raima wants to teach dance to Sonakshi. She knows different dance forms. She is still Rohit’s good friend. Sulochana makes Raima against Sonakshi again and again.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Rupali kidnaps Zaroon. She tells Madhav about her new deal. She wants Krish’s custody. She asks Madhav and Saltanat to hand over Krish to her, if they want to save Zaroon. She asks Madhav to sign the custody papers. Lawyer gets the papers to Madhav. Madhav gets ready to sign the papers. Indu reveals the truth that Rupali has a fatal disease, Rupali wants to use Krish for her surgery, she is getting his custody just to take him to the hospital. She tells him that Krish’s life will be in risk if they send him to Rupali.

Madhav still signs the papers. He doesn’t want Rupali to harm Krish and Zaroon. He loves Saltanat and wants Zaroon safe. He doesn’t want to give Krish to go to Rupali. He helps Saltanat a lot. She respects his emotions. Indu scolds Madhav for valuing Saltanat more than Krish. Madhav tells her that he loves Krish the most, but he can’t risk Zaroon’s life. He promises Saltanat to get her love back.


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