Nimki Vidhayak Love triangle Promo Nimki denies love

Nimki Vidhayak Love triangle Promo Nimki denies love

Nimki Vidhayak Love triangle promo Nimki denies love Mintu misses Nimki. He gets a smile thinking of her. Tillu asks him if he is in love with Nimki. He loves Nimki and doesn’t want Mintu to snatch his love. He asks Mintu to deny everything. Mintu doesn’t know why do his friends think the same always. Chachi asks Nimki why is she smiling like she is in love. Nimki tells her that she is happy meeting the villagers. Chachi teases her about Mintu. Tillu is ready to sacrifice his love if Mintu accepts his love for Nimki. Mintu doesn’t think so. Chachi asks Nimki if she loves Mintu and that’s why looking after his Dadi. Nimki angrily tells Chachi that she isn’t in love.

She asks Chachi not to bring wrong angles in between. Chachi is sure that something is going on in Nimki’s life. Tunne asks Mahua to take help from Nimki. She refuses. She gets troubled by the goons. Tunne beats the goons. Police arrives there. Tunne and Mahua get arrested for wrong reasons. Mintu gets kidnapped by some goons. Ganga plays a drama in front of the media. She acts good towards Nimki. Nimki is happy with the way Ganga is supporting her. Nimki apologizes to Parag for the slap. She wants her brother’s admission to be done in a big school.

Surprisingly, Parag helps her. Nimki praises his heroic behavior. Parag starts liking Nimki. Mintu gets questioned by Shukla, who threatens him about his Dadi. Shukla is angered on Mintu’s cheat. Parag keeps a wish of marrying Nimki. He wants Ganga to fix his alliance with Nimki. This surprises Ganga. Nimki rescues Mahua from the police. She welcomes Tunne and Mahua home. She wants Mahua to change her mind. She appears rude to bring Mahua to senses. Nimki is in love again. Mintu enters her heart. He also falls in love with her. Parag brings a twist in their story.



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