Kahaan Hum Terrific twists Ronakshi Sangeet

Kahaan Hum Terrific twists Ronakshi Sangeet

Kahaan Hum Terrific twists Ronakshi Sangeet Rohit and Sonakshi meet for the marriage talks. Their families too get along well with time. Rohit pulls Sonakshi’s leg and romances her. Sonakshi feels lucky to get a loving man like Rohit. Raima is worried that she didn’t do right to support Sonakshi. She gets brainwashed by Sulochana again, when her mum asks her to leave from Rohit’s life. Raima wants to be sure if she has done right by uniting Rohit with Sonakshi. She wants Rohit’s happiness, just like a true lover. She is happy as his friend. She wants to ensure that Sonakshi keeps Rohit happy. Sulochana makes her realize that Sonakshi is cunning and selfish. Tanushree asks Raima to get rid of it and focus on her life.

Raima comes in Sulochana’s words. Naren and Veena get troubled watching the defaming news. Naren didn’t wish to hurt the media person. He explains his impulsive reaction. Veena understands him. She is sure that everything will get fine once Rohit and Sonakshi’s marriage happens. Sukhmani enjoys Rohit and Sonakshi’s naughty romance talks. Sonakshi feels shy and awkward. Sukhmani asks her to be bold and daring when it comes to romance.

Sonakshi joins Veena in kitchen and suggests her to make Naren’s favorite dish to cheer him up. Veena doesn’t agree at first. She then takes Sonakshi’s advice. Sonakshi is sure that Naren will be soon convinced by Veena. Meanwhile, Naren is angry after the media event. He wants to talk to Sonakshi about the pre nuptial agreement. Yash tells him that Sonakshi will be hurt that Sippys don’t trust her. He asks Naren not to ruin Rohit and Sonakshi’s marriage. He resolves the matter by reminding Naren their past secret. He wants to support Naren, but not at the cost of Rohit’s happiness.

Yash tells Naren that they will consider about the pre-nuptial agreement if in case anything wrong happens after the marriage. Raima overhears them. She wonders why does Naren want to stop the marriage. She learns about Yash and Naren’s secret deal. She wants to know the secret hidden from the family. Suman speaks about the marriage sponsors and arrangements. Everyone seems happy. Rohan wants to tell Pari about Tanya’s pregnancy. He doesn’t get time to tell her. Raima asks Sulochana about Yash and Naren’s deal. Sulochana is happy to know that Naren doesn’t want the marriage to happen. She thinks to join hands with Naren and break the marriage.

Tanya’s pregnancy news shocks Pari. Everyone congratulates Tanya for her new phase of life. Suman and Naren have an argument over the marriage venue. Naren wants a classy venue, while Suman doesn’t want to call off the sponsors. She wants to have things done at ease. Veena also tries to change the venue. Sonakshi is ready to obey Veena and Naren. Suman doesn’t agree with their demand. Raima joins the discussions. She indirectly makes fun of Sonakshi’s residential area. Rohit and Raima feel sorry to hurt Sonakshi’s sentiments.

Raima plans the Sangeet dance competition between both the families. Mahesh arrives at Sippy mansion and meets Rohit. He requests for a job. When Mahesh finds Rohit refusing, he tells Rohit that he lost his job because of Tanya’s blunder. Sonakshi doesn’t want Tanya’s name to get dragged in any accident case. She suggests Rohit to hire Mahesh after a proper police verification. Mahesh gets glad that Rohit has appointed him as the personal driver. Mahesh is sure that he will learn Rohit’s plans and fail him. Mahesh will bring terrific twists in the middle of Ronakshi’s Sangeet ceremony, where Ronakshi will be seen giving a marvelous performance on a romantic number.

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Kulfi Kumar


  1. I like very much kahaan hum kahaan tum show.
    it’s only one show here’s all romance,dialouge and drama going on naturally..its definitely mentioned that sona and rohit performance and innocence is fantastic as always..


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