Kahaan Hum Rohit accident news stuns Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Rohit accident news stuns Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Rohit accident news stuns Sonakshi There will be an accident twist to bring a shocker for Sonakshi in Sangeet. Suman prepares for Sonakshi’s Sangeet. She gets all the functions sponsored. She is stress free about the expenses. Suman is advised by her house help to speak to Sonakshi about her first wedding night. Suman feels awkward to explain Sonakshi about a marital life. Yash learns that Ravi is innocent and Rohit is up to some plan. He asks Rohit about his plans. Mahesh wants to give a driving test. He takes Rohit and Yash for a drive. He overhears their conversation. He learns that Rohit is aware of the truth that Ravi is innocent and he is still finding the real culprit.

Mahesh feels Rohit is acting too smart. Rohit explains the plan to Yash that police is in civil clothes and looking for the culprit constantly. Mahesh turns alert on knowing about the police. He gets the job by passing the driving test. Rohit hires him for a temporary basis. He asks Mahesh not to expect much from him. Mahesh fools him by acting innocent. Suman tries to break the ice and explain Sonakshi about keeping Rohit happy. Sonakshi senses that Suman wants to discuss something really important. They have an emotional talk. Sonakshi feels proud that her mum took an initiative to end the awkwardness and speak to her about the marital phase.

Sonakshi is thankful that Suman is lending support and ending her nervousness. Suman recalls her times and struggles in marriage. She wants her daughter to be happy. Rohit is sure that Sonakshi is safe. He wants the culprit to land in his trap. He hopes this matter resolves before the marriage. Mahesh plans a big shocker for Sonakshi’s Sangeet.

Moreover, Sonakshi and Rohit struggle in the dance rehearsals. Raima feels Rohit can’t dance well and thinks to plan some simple steps. Sonakshi wants Rohit to learn the same steps and not change it midway. Rohit obeys her and wants her happiness. Raima gets upset when she finds Rohit not valuing her word. Suman is happy with the Sangeet’s arrangements. Naren is still not ready to accept Sonakshi. Veena asks him to at least pretend happy for Rohit’s sake. Rohit imagines Sonakshi. He wants to meet her soon. He feels she will be looking really pretty.

Mahesh rages on Rohit’s words. He drives speedily to shock Rohit. Rohit worries that an accident can happen. He warns Mahesh. Sonakshi makes a grand entry and stuns the guests by her perfect attire and looks. Suman can’t help, but praise both her daughters’ stunning looks. Very soon, they get the news of Rohit’s accident. Rohit stays safe and returns to the family to celebrate his Sangeet.

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