Kulfi Kumar Life Lessons Sikandar Superb planning

Kulfi Kumar Life Lessons Sikandar Superb planning

Kulfi Kumar Life Lessons Sikandar Superb planning Sikandar shares his risky plan with Sandy and Raju. They don’t want him to invite his death. Sikandar tells them that he is already dying, he has to secure his daughters, he will defeat Jimmy. He tells them that he will take the risk, so that Sandy wins Jimmy’s trust. He wants Sandy to become the intruder in Jimmy’s office. He is sure that he will soon ruin Jimmy if Sandy leaks Jimmy’s business secrets to him. Raju asks him how will he trick his death. He tells Sikandar that Jimmy will make sure that Sikandar dies. Sikandar isn’t scared. He is living under the fear of going away from his daughters.

Kulfi and Amyra make Diwali greetings for Sikandar. He gets happy watching them. He feels he won’t be with them on Diwali next year. He wants to celebrate the good moments with them right away. He tells them that he will make a cute greeting for them with their pictures. He wants the new year to be prosperous for them. He tells them about Diwali festive. He also wants to defeat Jimmy, the Raavan of his life. He wants to conquer everything and become fearless. He tells them that they should always think of winning, by not running away from the circumstances.

He tells that he may not be there with them forever, but they have to be strong all their lives. He tells that their situation is similar to Ram’s Vanvaas. He shares the story of Ram and Raavan’s battle to inspire them. He gets brave and daring. He faces Jimmy’s goons. He intentionally gets beaten up by the goons, letting Jimmy rejoice the sight. Sikandar makes Jimmy and Sandy connect. Sandy wins Jimmy’s trust. Sikandar feels his plan is working out. Kulfi and Amyra learn from the Ramayana story. Sikandar wants them to lead a good life.

Jimmy tells Sandy about his hatred for Sikandar. He hires Sandy. He wants to exact his revenge. He feels Sikandar was responsible for Fateh’s kidnapping. Kulfi and Amyra find Sikandar’s wounds. They heal his wounds. The girls cry for his pain. They want to fight the dangers and protect him. He feels blessed. He enjoys the precious moments with them, knowing he is going to leave them any time. Sandy lies about his hatred for Sikandar. He manages to get the job. He informs Sikandar about the job at Jimmy’s office. Sikandar gets positive about the series of events.

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