Kahaan Hum Sonakshi surprising move Twists lined

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Kahaan Hum Sonakshi surprising move Twists lined Sonakshi and Rohit have a romantic performance. They romance on the stage. Raima gets angered. Sonakshi wants to talk to Raima and apologize to her. She finds Raima upset. Rohit tells her that Raima is cool, she will not care for anything upsetting. He asks her to focus on himself. He wants Sonakshi to praise himself. Sonakshi and Rohit have peaceful moment, which soon breaks because of the shocking news of Suman and Naren’s fight. Suman wants Naren to apologize to the media. Naren doesn’t want to bend down in front of Rastogis’ demand.

He tells them that he will better leave from the function. Suman, Veena and Sukhmani get worried. The media doesn’t want to listen to anyone. They just want Naren to apologize at any cost. Sonakshi tries to talk to Naren and explain him how the media can support and break stardom. Naren doesn’t give her any chance to explain. Rohit gets angry on him for not being loyal to his relations. He tells Naren that Sonakshi deserves a chance. Sonakshi asks Rohit to get his family to face the media. Naren doesn’t want his son to become wife’s slave. Rohit tells him that he is just being loyal to his would be wife, maybe Naren won’t understand the loyalty.

Sonakshi handles the media’s anger. She melts them anger by her sweet and sensible talk. She tells them that Naren is elderly and it was media person’s mistake first to trouble him. She tells that Naren has just reacted to the media’s wrong move, he was right on his front. She tells them that Naren was rushing for an emergency, where he could have lost his patience by any delay. She justifies that Naren has been right to rush to the patient and save two lives. She tells them that media can’t risk someone’s life for getting breaking news. She apologizes to the media.

She pays respect to Naren and apologizes to him for the bad behavior from the media person. She feels she is stuck between her in-laws and media. She balances both the parties well. She asks the media to keep her in-laws away from the news bytes, since they aren’t habitual to answer the media every day. Rohit and Sonakshi show their unity. They take a stand for their family. The media persons forgive Naren. Sonakshi invites the special reporters for covering her marriage functions. Sonakshi brings happiness in the family.

She restores the lost peace. Everyone feels proud of Sonakshi and can’t stop praising him. Rohit and Sonakshi receive warm wishes from the family and media. Sonakshi gets the sponsors back. Suman gets big relief that Sonakshi’s career is safe. Sonakshi gets hint of Rohit’s secret bachelor party. Sonakshi turns surprised when Naren accepts her into the family heartily. Naren feels Sonakshi is the right person to become his daughter-in-law. This comes as a surprising element for Sippys. Sulochana can’t see Sippys happy. She brainwashes Suman against Sippys. She asks Suman to ask for Rohit’s share in the property and business to secure Sonakshi’s future. Suman comes in Sulochana’s words. Suman and Naren will have a clash again.


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