Kasautii Bajaj Anurag unaware Komolika conspires murder

Kasautii Bajaj Anurag unaware Komolika conspires murder

Kasautii Bajaj Anurag unaware Komolika conspires murder Mohini and Kumud feel fortunate to get a beautiful and sorted daughter-in-law like Sonalika. Mohini is happy to get rid of Prerna finally. Kumud tells her that Sonalika has all the good values. Mohini calls up to know about Anurag and Sonalika. She learns that they are at Sharma house. This worries her. Anurag tells her about Prerna’s accident. He tells her that he has dropped Prerna home to look after her. He tells that Sonalika is tired and wants to rest for a while. She asks him to come home soon and have dinner.

Anurag takes a leave from Sharmas. Komolika enjoys Prerna’s sorrow. Komolika tells Prerna about her marriage, which was meant to save Anurag. Prerna is grateful to her. Anurag finds Prerna much sad within. He sees her tears and gets disturbed. He asks her the reason for her sorrow. He wants to know if their friendship went ahead. She conceals their relation. He feels that she is hiding few things from him, which maybe important for him to know. She doesn’t reveal anything and sheds tears. He feels the longing for her. He can’t see her in sorrow. He tells her that there is something that’s bringing him to her again and again.

He thinks she is weeping because of her father’s loss. He gets flashes of their moments. He turns dizzy for a while. She doesn’t want him to get strained. She tells him that there is nothing such to tell him, she would tell him if there is anything important. Anurag goes home with Komolika. Komolika tries hard to impress her in-laws by being their daughter. Anupam is happy that Anurag hasn’t married a wrong girl. He doesn’t believe that she is really so sweet. Anurag asks Moloy and Mohini if they have any connection with Sharmas.

He feels like knowing them closely. Mohini doesn’t want to tell him anything. He tells them that they aren’t connected to Sharmas, who are just an employee’s family. Mohini stays disturbed. She doesn’t believe that fate is bringing Prerna to Anurag again and again. Moloy also finds it weird that Prerna is trying to contact them again. Mohini asks him to block Prerna’s contact. Moloy refuses to her. Anurag wants to know if they are hiding the truth. He feels Prerna is somewhere connected to him. Mohini denies to tell anything to him.

Anurag and Prerna’s marriage truth is hidden from him. Mohini is angered that Prerna is still being a hurdle in his happiness. She plans to keep Anurag engaged so that he forgets the past. She doesn’t want him to ruin his future. Anurag and Komolika’s relation gets ahead. Komolika wants to get rid of Prerna and her family. She hires an assassin to kill Prerna and her family by burning them alive. Komolika takes the big step in anger. Prerna and her family fall in grave danger. Prerna’s life has gone ahead without her love and life, Anurag. It seems weird that her good friend Mr. Bajaj who keeps track of everyone dear to him, doesn’t know about Prerna’s plight. Will Mr. Bajaj make a return to take a stand for Prerna or will Anurag reach Prerna on time to rescue her? Keep reading.

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