Kulffi Kumaar Bajewala Starplus New chapter begins

Kulffi Kumaar Bajewala Starplus New chapter begins

Kulffi Kumaar Bajewala Starplus New chapter begins Kulfi and Amyra get into a problem. They make a plan to get Sikandar’s gold coin back. Sikandar asks them why are they worried. They tell Sikandar about the bad wrestlers taking his coin and beating the chawl man. Sikandar wants them to face the trouble on their own. He wants to plan something that they don’t get scared. He asks them to find their own ways to deal with the wrestlers. The chawl kids exercise to fight the wrestlers. Sikandar keeps an eye on them to know what will they do next. Sikandar gets a chance to start his new album. He asks the producer to slide the dates further.

Amyra gets happy to know the news that Sikandar has become a co-producer again. Kulfi shares her joy that her father is going to sing once again. They hug Sikandar and feel proud. Kulfi doesn’t want to trouble Sikandar. They make a plan to find the coin themselves and bring happiness for Sikandar. He also awaits their bold move. Kulfi and Amyra brain storm to get the coin back. Amyra decides to threaten the wrestlers about exposing them. She gains courage to threaten them. The wrestlers make fun of her. Amyra takes their class in her style. Kulfi wants Amyra to defeat them and get Sikandar’s lucky coin back.

Sikandar hopes that his daughters find a way to deal with their opponents. Amyra fails to expose them. The wrestlers don’t agree to give the coin to Amyra. The man tells Amyra that the place isn’t for girls. Kulfi requests the man to return Sikandar’s gold coin. Kulfi begs them to not trouble her much. The man gives his word to give her the coin back if she does something worth deserving it. She sings a melodious song for them. The man likes her song a lot. He decides to return the coin to her.

He then changes his mind to not return the coin since it now belongs to them. He asks her to run away. Kulfi gets upset when the man refuses to return the Laxmi coin. The chawl kids gain strength to fight with the wrestlers. They protest for long. They fall in more trouble. They get upset to fail in bringing their dad’s joy back. Sikandar finds them upset. He wants them to have believe in themselves and never lose hope. Sikandar encourages them. Kulfi and Amyra challenge the wrestlers.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. That’s too much ……Kulfi do over acting . she act like she is adult….. And no children can do this …….In our spveity all people doesn’t like kulfis over acting ….plz if you can told her to stop this overact ….and after a long time went they should be adult…

    • I’m tired of Sikander biased tricjs favoring Amrya who is not even her biological child n made Kulfi an outcast,, she has sffrerd so much,, Pls change this I’m fed up holding thumbs for Kulfis hardship,, when will she enjoy being a child?

  2. Why doesn’t Sikandar have the guts to put his foot down with his selfish brat Amaya and throw his wife Loveleen out. Disgusting what he is doing to Kulfi.

  3. Am tired of amrya’s bossy attitude and am tired of sikander treating his biological child kulfi as an outcast n favouring dat little devil amrya.when will kulfi enjoy her life and be happy

  4. Huhhhh ?timmings kyu change kiye is se trp show kee aur bhi kum ho gyi khaa serial top 5 serials mei aata tha aur ab top 10 se bhi bahar ho gyaa h ……

  5. I love Kulffi so much, she is humble, respectful and sweet, really this child has it all. Please continue the good work, God bless you.


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