Kulfi Kumaar Bajewala Starplus Sikandar New mystery

Kulfi Kumaar Bajewala Starplus Sikandar New mystery

Kulfi Kumaar Bajewala Starplus Sikandar New mystery Jimmy wants to steal Sikandar’s song once again. He falls in Sandy’s words. Sandy is working out Sikandar’s plan. Kulfi and Amyra win the challenge by acting smart. Mahabali tells the wrestlers that the girls have won by their smartness, not strength. He asks them to return the gold coin to Kulfi. Kulfi gets her coin back. She asks Mahabali to return the coins to the people, who would not celebrate Diwali without the Laxmi coin. She asks him to save everyone from the wrong, since they are powerful and doesn’t need to rob people for money. She tells Mahabali that if he helps and protects people, he will get much love and respect.

Mahabali announces that he will return all the robbed money to the people. He agrees with Kulfi’s innocent speech. Sikandar watches his daughters on the video call and feels they have won his test. He feels proud with the way Kulfi has managed to convince Mahabali. Kulfi and Amyra rejoice their victory. Sandy tells Jimmy about the recording studio. Jimmy is glad that his men are working in the same studio. He thinks it will be easy to ruin Sikandar. Sikandar is sure that Jimmy will ruin himself this time.

Jimmy hears Sikandar’s song and feels its a blockbuster. He wants to sell the pirated song so that Sikandar and Mohsin lose out in their venture. Sikandar wants to know how Jimmy operates his piracy business. Sikandar gets the coin back. He wants to know how his daughters managed it without his help. Everyone praises Kulfi and Amyra. Kulfi tells them that they have to fight alone in his absence. He wanted to teach this to them. Sikandar and Sandy discuss their next plans. Jimmy gets spying. Sikandar asks Sandy to back bite about him to fool Jimmy.

Sandy tells that he wants to see Sikandar begging on the roads. Jimmy tells Sandy that he wants to do the same. Sandy asks Jimmy how does he make pirated CDs, is the business so easy. Jimmy laughs that he will be earning from Sikandar’s song. He doesn’t reveal about his business to Sandy. Sikandar lets his daughters light the diyas themselves and celebrate Diwali. Sikandar burns some place, which shocks Kulfi. She feels he didn’t change and is still hiding something. A new mystery begins for Kulfi to find out. Keep reading for more on Kulfi Kumaar Bajewala Starplus.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. Increase time of kulfi,namah and nazar to atleast 45min…..please it’s a request..i will greatly happy if my request is granted…starplus


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