Kasautii Bajaj chapter recalled Anurag Prerna together

Kasautii Bajaj awaited entry Anurag Prerna tale drags

Kasautii Bajaj chapter recalled Anurag Prerna together Anurag and Prerna come together in one frame once again. Anurag realizes that he is familiar with her touch. He rushes after her to know who is the girl, that created a stir in his memories. He tries to reach her and stops for a talk. Prerna realizes his presence and goes away so that he doesn’t get any mental strain. Anurag feels he is going crazy thinking of the old memories. He doesn’t want to bother anyone by his confusion. On the other hand, Nivedita is thankful to Komolika/Sonalika for bringing the positive change in Anurag.

She gets a necklace to gift Sonalika. Anupam realizes that Anurag has decided to move on in life for the sake of Mohini’s happiness. Anupam knows that Sonalika didn’t change Anurag’s mind. He doesn’t understand why is she taking the credit. Nivedita and Mohini are very happy with Sonalika. Anupam thinks to find about about Sonalika. Anurag wants to know if he is missing out anything major. Rahil wants to tell him about Mr. Bajaj targeting the company and marrying Prerna. He fails to tell him anything because of Moloy. Moloy offers a new work project to Anurag.

He is happy to hand over the new business to his talented son. They meet the company owner. Anurag gets convincing to take over the company. He realizes the company’s potential. Moloy feels proud of Anurag for his good business sense. Prerna gets the job easily and joins the same company which gets recently owned by Anurag. She gives the good news to her family that she has got the job in a reputed company. Veena feels proud of her for moving on in life by forgetting Anurag. She wants Prerna to lead her life well. She feels Anurag will always be missed in their lives, but they shouldn’t hope for his return. Veena just wishes that both Anurag and Prerna stay happy.

Komolika conspires to win Anurag’s love. She hopes to get his attention. She wants their relation to have love in it. Prerna reaches the company office. She learns about the company takeover. She gets assigned with new work duties. She is asked to assist the new boss as the secretary. She doesn’t know about Anurag. Mohini wishes all the best to Anurag while he leaves for his new office. Komolika tries to kiss him, but he runs away for work. She challenges herself to get his love. Prerna comes in Anurag’s life again. She begins to assist him in work, which brings them together.

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