Yeh Riishta Starplus Kartik Naira Danger zone mystery

Yeh Riishta Starplus Kartik Naira Danger zone mystery

Yeh Riishta Starplus Kartik Naira Danger zone mystery Kartik as Jolly Singh plans a family picnic with Goenkas for Kairav’s sake. He takes the entire family to a resort. Naira gets jitters watching the same swimming pool and known areas as seen in her dream. She gets too disturbed thinking of the scary vision that took away her peace. Kartik asks her why does she look angry on him. He asks her if she can’t see Kairav loving him. She gets irritated. She asks him to do anything he wants, but keep her away from his plans. They get into an argument, unaware that Kairav and Vansh are watching them. Kartik asks Naira to trust him for once, he will not let anything wrong happen.

He pulls her leg and asks her to stay relaxed. She feels he can never understand her fears. He understands her well and wants her to be free of all her fears. He asks her to join him for a Punjabi dance. She refuses to him. She stays alert to keep Kairav safe. She then reveals to Kartik about her scary vision, where she has seen the same place exactly with some blood flow into the swimming pool, like someone from their family is in danger. Kartik also gets worried on hearing about it. He promises her to stay careful and not let anyone get harmed. Kartik gets into Punjabi dance mode. He dances happily as per his name Jolly Singh.

He dances with Kairav and family members. When Kartik slips down while dancing, Naira gets scared of his injury. Kartik doesn’t want Naira’s fears to express his identity truth. Naira can’t help, but shout out his name to alert him. Kairav gets another hint that Jolly Singh is Kartik. He gets too angered and runs away again, which leads him into the prohibited area. Kairav lands in the danger zone, which makes Kartik and Naira rush to save him. Naira’s dream turns true. Kartik will be getting hurt to save his son. Will Kartik be able to prove his true love to Kairav? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya

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Muskaan and Ronak have a hit and miss in the flower market. Ronak gets Khushi to the market on her birthday. Muskaan gets her old memories revived. She had spent beautiful memories with Ronak. She misses Ronak and sheds tears. Roshni accompanies Muskaan. Ronak too misses Muskaan in his life. Ronak throws a grand party for his daughter’s birthday. The entire family rejoices the celebrations. Muskaan will soon learn that Ronak has moved on in his life and married Nisha.



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