Starplus Yeh Rishhtey Mishbir Shocking engagement

Starplus Yeh Rishhtey Mishbir Shocking engagement

Starplus Yeh Rishhtey Mishbir Shocking engagement Rajshri and Kuhu are worried that Mishti isn’t at home, when Abir is going to arrive for the engagement any moment. Meenakshi and Abir perform the aarti with their family members. Meenakshi wishes to get her son on her side always. She doesn’t want Mehul to snatch Abir. Meenakshi wants Abir to understand her, whatever she has done in the past was just for his betterment. Meenakshi gives an emotional speech. Abir cries on hearing her true emotions.

Parul wishes that Mehul doesn’t break their family. Rajshri and Kuhu find a way to delay Abir and Mishti’s engagement. Mishti tells Lalita that they have to meet Abir and tell the entire truth of Mehul and Parul’s marriage. Mishti gets attacked by Mehul’s goons. Mishti gains courage to fight them.

Mehul doesn’t want Mishti’s message to reach Abir. He plays his cards safely. Mishti gets help from the village women, who rescue her from the goons. Abir meets Maheshwaris and get a surprise from Kuhu. Kuhu expresses her generous thoughts by the Tuladaan ritual. Abir gets bit hurt and turns restless about Mishti’s safety. Kuhu assures him that Mishti is safe. Kuhu lies that Mishti is still getting decked up. Abir awaits Mishti, while Kuhu hinders him. Mishti has no idea that she is running to the place where Mehul is waiting for her instead Abir.

Vishwamber tells Abir that he shall wait for Mehul to come and complete the ritual, since its Abir’s engagement. Mishti awaits Abir and gets a shock on meeting Mehul. Mehul threatens her. Mishti lectures him for failing to be a good father and using Abir for selfish motives. She reprimands him for falling so low for his greed. She can’t believe that Mehul didn’t change after Abir’s true love for him. She feels she is at fault to get back Mehul in Abir’s life. Mehul reveals his plans of cleverly meeting Abir and Mishti and acting poor, sick and longing to get back in Abir’s life. Mishti feels he is really a bad person like greedy Naman.

Shaurya calls Mehul and fails to hear Mishti’s screams for help. Mehul misleads Shaurya. Abir gets restless to see Mishti once. Mehul tells Mishti that Abir will land in jail for the fraud done by him. He keeps Mishti captive and makes a leave to reach Maheshwaris. Mishti wants Abir to rescue her. Kunal comforts Abir on finding him tensed. Abir tells him that he is getting a tense feeling about Mishti. Kunal tells him that such feeling is natural since they had been much tough time recently. Mishti doesn’t want Mehul to win.

She doesn’t want Abir’s fate to cheat him. She is sure to defeat Mehul like she defeated Naman’s evil. Meenakshi wants to get Abir’s happiness. She can’t see Abir upset. Mishti gains courage from Abir’s words. She frees herself and escapes from Mishti’s clutches. Kuhu manages to handle Kunal by creating a moment to mislead him. Kunal loses focus on finding Mishti. Meenakshi gets emotional and performs with her family.

Mehul makes an entry and worries Rajshri, who awaits Mishti. Mishti makes a way to reach home soon. Mehul tells them that Abir wanted to change his name to Abir Kapadia, for which he has completed the formalities. He wants Abir to sign the papers soon. Meenakshi hinders Mehul and asks him to wait until the engagement happens.

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