Kullfi Kumarr Starplus New track Kulfi Chali Kartarpur

Kullfi Kumarr Starplus New track Kulfi Chali Kartarpur

Kullfi Kumarr Starplus New track Kulfi Chali Kartarpur Kulfi and Amyra face a real bad time when they locked inside the room. They figure out some way to get free. They experience strange things in the house, which double their fears. They try to find Sikandar. Their love for Sikandar make them strong to fight back. They witness the goons trying to kill Sikandar.

They can’t believe the sight that goons are stabbing Sikandar. Kulfi doesn’t want Amyra to shout. She wants them to be strong and find some way to save Sikandar. Amyra fears that Sikandar will die. Kulfi asks her to control her fears and not let that overcome their senses. Kulfi asks her not to think negative. Kulfi throws the phone when it rings and gets goons’ attention.

Amyra asks her how would they call the police without the phone. Kulfi is sure that everything will get fine when they reach Sikandar. Their lives also fall in risk. The goons hunt for them. Kulfi and Amyra part away to reach Sikandar by tricking the goons. Kulfi gets caught. Amyra tries to help her. She also lands in trouble. The goons break their courage by revealing that they have already killed Sikandar. Kulfi and Amyra fight the goons to get free from their clutches. They cry for Sikandar. They get a big relief when they find Sikandar alive. They ask him to save them. They tell Sikandar that the goons were attacking them badly.

Sikandar reveals his big plan. He admits that he had hired the goons to scare them to test their capabilities. He wanted to see their strength and unity in tough times. Kulfi and Amyra ask him why did he do this. He tells them that they got scared and did mistake upon mistake without using their mind. He asks them why didn’t they tell anyone in chawl that he is in danger. He explains their mistakes. Kulfi tells him that his way to explain is wrong. Sikandar wants them to become fearless. He gives them tips of combating such tough situations in life. He prepares them for the worst times in their lives.

He wants them to become one team and become wise. He asks them never to believe anyone’s wrong diction. Kulfi asks him why is he teaching them to battle. He tells her that if he isn’t with them, they have to save themselves. Kulfi tells him that she knows he will always be there with them. He tells her that he can’t be with them all the time even when he wants. He is afraid that his enemies can kidnap his daughters again. He asks them not to take their fate lightly. Kulfi asks him not to scare them for no reason.

He doesn’t reveal that he is going to die and leave them alone forever. He wants them to learn being brave. The fake goons also want to know Sikandar’s helplessness to teach bravery to his daughters by scaring him. Raju tells them that Sikandar is very helpless, he has no time to live with his daughters. He doesn’t reveal the truth. Kulfi suspects that Sikandar is hiding something big. She wants to know the big reason. She looks for the Gurudwara picture. She wants to head there and pray. She confronts Raju for his lies.

Raju tells her that he never lies to his children. She asks him why is he lying to her about Sikandar’s weird actions. He is helpless to hide the truth. She tries hard to extract the truth from Raju. She wants to find the truth herself. Amyra asks Kulfi to not worry for Sikandar so much. Kulfi learns that Himmat is going to Gurudwar. Himmat distributes sweets to the chawl people. Kulfi gets a sign when she finds the same Gurudwara picture. She decides to accompany Himmat. Kulfi wants to pray for Sikandar’s problems to end.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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