Kumkum Bhaggyaa Upcoming Abhi suspects Prachi’s culprit

Kumkum Bhaggyaa Upcoming Abhi suspects Prachi's culprit

Kumkum Bhaggyaa Upcoming Abhi suspects Prachi’s culprit Aaliya tells Rhea that they have to control Meera and also others who are manipulating family. She suspects Priyanka for giving such a bad idea to Rhea. She scolds them for inviting risk. She tells them that Abhi would hate them if they get caught. She asks them to think of their own image in the family. She asks them not to target Prachi again, not at the risk of ruining themselves. She gets angry on Rhea. She tells them that Prachi can’t be trusted, Prachi would really want to trap someone rich. She asks them to think if Prachi had trapped them purposely. She warns Priyanka against filling Rhea’s mind with such filthy ideas.

She tells Priyanka that she will not spare her if she puts Rhea in trouble. Priyanka and Rhea apologize to Aaliya. Aaliya can’t see Rhea hurt. She warns Rhea about the dire consequences. Rhea promises to never do anything stupid. Aaliya thinks Rhea is innocent and would still want revenge. She wants to get Prachi out of Rhea’s mind. She thinks Prachi got attached to their family like Pragya. She wants to handle Disha’s matter as well. She doesn’t want their own lives to get spoiled because of outsiders.

Priyanka tells Rhea that it would be a big achievement for her if her plan worked. She asks Rhea to act soon else Prachi will snatch Ranbir as well. She tells Rhea that Abhi loves Prachi a lot like her own dad. She warns Rhea about Prachi’s cunning mind. Rhea is angry that Ranbir showed trust for Prachi. She ignores Priyanka’s warning. She believes him. Priyanka asks him to keep a watch on Ranbir, else he may fall for Prachi. She asks her not to take Prachi lightly. Rhea doesn’t listen to her, since she has herself asked Ranbir to trick Prachi in love. Prachi wants to forget the day.

She thinks its good that Pragya didn’t come in the party. She wants Shahana not to tell anything to Pragya. Shahana praises Ranbir for supporting her like a hero. She tells that Ranbir is a nice guy, who unexpectedly took a stand for her. Prachi feels bad to misunderstand him. She wants to apologize to Ranbir. Prachi calls Pragya home. Pragya states about her important work. She wants to know if Prachi is fine. Prachi asks her to just come soon. She misses Pragya. Purab goes to drop Pragya home. Abhi meets Meera to thank her. He is happy that she messaged him on time to get help for Prachi. Meera knows that Abhi could save Prachi from the mess. She wanted to save Prachi from the bad situation.

She tells him that she would always believe Prachi like he does. He thanks her for understanding Prachi. She tells him that Ranbir took a stand for Prachi. He tells Meera that Rhea was jealous of Prachi before and targeted her, but this time its not Rhea. He suspects Priyanka to be behind the conspiracy. He wants to find out the culprit, who always hurts Prachi whenever she comes home. Rhea is disturbed about Ranbir’s support for Prachi. She confronts him for favoring Prachi. He tells her that Prachi is irritating, but she didn’t deserve this. She tells him that she didn’t like him supporting Prachi so much, as if he loves Prachi. He tells her that he just stood for the truth, he supported a girl and her dignity, when Prachi lost her own voice.

He tells her that he became Prachi’s voice knowing her innocence. He tells that a girl’s dignity is important for her, he couldn’t see Prachi’s life getting ruined. She tells him that she was jealous seeing it. She feels proud of him. They share a moment. He feels he only loves Rhea. Pragya feels Prachi is worried. She tells Prachi that she knows about her emotions very well. She regards Prachi her life. She wants to know what’s troubling Prachi. Prachi promises to tell her later when she finds it right. Pragya gets tensed when Prachi hides the matter. Prachi tells her that Abhi has managed the matter so well.

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