Kundali Bhagyaa Preeta Karan Ishq Wala Shocker

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Kundali Bhagyaa Preeta Karan Ishq Wala Shocker strikes Karan tries to hide his sorrow. Rishabh loves him as his son. He wants Karan to get happy from his heart. He asks Karan to share his feelings. He assures to fix everything. He knows Karan is angry because of Preeta’s notice. He tells that they will find a solution, he need not marry to get rid of this problem. Kritika feels sorry for Rishabh and Karan. Karan asks Rishabh what would he do if he faced this shock. Rishabh tells him that he would have gone to meet Preeta.

Kritika also wants to Karan to refuse for marriage with Mahira. Rishabh tells Karan that Kritika is also mature. Karan tells her that he just hates Preeta, he doesn’t love her. Karan asks them not to talk to Preeta. Rishabh wants him to meet Preeta. Karan wants to challenge Preeta. He stops his family from fulfilling Preeta’s alimony demand. He is angry that Preeta is hurting his family. He values his family over everything. He wants Preeta to realize her mistake. Sarla wants to confront Kareena about the blames on Preeta. Sarla asks Preeta not to stop her. She needs some clarification.

Sarla calls Kareena. Sherlyn tries to break the bridge. Sherlyn tells Kareena that Sarla will try to know about the notice. She asks her not to tell anything to Sarla. Sarla tells Kareena that Preeta didn’t send any such legal notice. Kareena doesn’t believe her. She feels Sarla is lying. She insults Sarla and her daughters a lot for ruining their peace. She tells Sarla that she has stained the name of poor people by this shocking planning of Preeta and Karan’s marriage. Sarla defends Preeta. She tells that Karan had cheated them to marry Preeta for revenge. Kareena doesn’t want to believe the truth. Preeta cries on hearing Sarla’s insult. Sarla really wants to know about the legal.

She clears that Karan had married Preeta by cheat. Kareena replies that Preeta refused to remove the sindoor, since Preeta wants to be Karan’s wife. Sarla gets disheartened knowing Preeta had visited Luthra family on Diwali. Kareena doesn’t answer her about the notice. She asks Sarla to check the newspapers about the notice. Kareena wants to believe Sarla for once, but Sherlyn doesn’t let her. Sherlyn instigates Kareena against Preeta and Sarla further. She asks Kareena not to fall in Arora family’s trap. Kareena agrees with Sherlyn.

Evil disgusting Sherlyn gets cunning to ruin Preeta completely. Sarla gets angry on Preeta for breaking her trust and going to Luthra house. Preeta explains the situation that she went to help Mahira. Sarla doesn’t want Preeta to keep terms with anyone from Luthra family. She wants Preeta to keep her self esteem. She can’t see Preeta hearing the humiliating words. Preeta feels guilty to hurt Sarla’s heart. Sherlyn wins by her big conspiracy. She praises herself for her amazing game to break Karan and Preeta’s marriage. Sherlyn feels she needs all the credit for the plan. She wants to share the good news with Prithvi.

She wants him to praise her cunning mind. She knew that Kareena will announce Karan and Mahira’s message when she makes the media target Karan’s marriage news. Preeta is much angry on Shrishti for doing wrong. Shrishti explains her good intentions. She wants Preeta to understand her. She is ready to do anything for her sister. She asks Preeta not to vent Sarla’s anger on her. Sherlyn calls Shrishti to give her a shock. She tells Shrishti that she has called to give her a breaking news about Karan. She tells Shrishti that she is behind the conspiracy. She asks her to read the newspaper to know the truth. Sherlyn taunts Shrishti for knowing everything and still failing to expose her.

Shrishti knows that Sherlyn wants to ruin Preeta’s life. Sherlyn admits that she hates Preeta. Shrishti gets hint that its Sherlyn’s plan to get Preeta blocked in Luthra house. Shrishti worries about Sherlyn’s new game. Karan and Mahira’s marriage fixing news gets published in the newspapers. Karan expresses his unhappiness on knowing about it. Rishabh tells Kareena that the family looks picture perfect, but they aren’t happy in reality. Mahira is very happy that she is going to marry Karan. Aroras learn the shocking news of Karan’s remarriage. Keep reading for more on Kundali Bhaagya Preeta Karan drama, twists and turns.

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  1. Bhakkk yahi ghatiya story chalti rahegi kya ,kya kabhi sherlyn ka sach samne nhi ayega kya.kya karan n Preeti milenge nhi kya …

  2. karan aur mahira me shaadi me baath karan aur luthras ko sach pata lagana chahiye aur preeta should also move on n get married to someone else or she should never forgive The Karan Luthra
    Preeta Rock
    Karan Shock

    • This show is getting boring now bcz u people are showing that there is nothing for true people. Plz over this boring games and try to something better .. plzzzz

  3. This show is getting boring now bcz u people are showing that there is nothing for true people. Plz over this boring games and try to something better .. plzzzz

  4. This is too much,”toote thak nath kheecho”. This is one of my favorite serial. Are you not getting bored by repeating the same story. Please change the track and let bad guys be punished.

  5. Ye sb kya hai roz ek hi cheez…ek hi din ka dikhate dikhate pura 1 week nikl dete ho….story khichh kyu rhe….try to bring some revolution in the story….aur to ab ek aur drama…sherlin shristie ko khud phone kr ke bta rhi hai phir bhi wo kuchh nhi kr pyegi….she won’t be able to stop karan…..or kareena ka to alg hi drama hai… Sirf achaa khasa story spoil kr deti hai bich me aa kr…abhi hi em drama kr di….so please take a leap…..and add something new to the story..so that it becomes more interesting….????

  6. Can’t understand why the director taking so long to expose evil Sherman.
    Not giving Preeta any hope so far.Karran is very disgusting

  7. Gussa ata h serial Dkhte hue
    2 sal se Pta nhi chla h Ki sherlin ksi h… Itni common sense toh sbme hoti h or wo Kareena sbse jyada gussa uspe ata h ghr ki head bni phirti h… Kuch dhng ka nhi kr skte toh bnd krdo serial . Ek episode ko dikhane me Pura week nikal dete h Lekin Kch Acha Nhi hota.

  8. Kundali Bhagya has lost its popularity by showing only negativity in the show. Fans are disappointed and stopped to watch it.Nothing new in the show, same things are repeatedly show. It’s has gone 100 to 0.

  9. Villians like prithvi and sherlyn are ruling in the story so far. What about sherlyn’s pregnancy? Is it going to be exposed. Whole story is giving a negative impact on the mind as it always expresses that good and kind hearted people do not have any place in the society and they do not get justice and respect. It is becoming nonsense and boring day by day.


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