Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Today Sikandar senses troubles

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Today Sikandar senses troubles

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Today Sikandar senses troubles Sikandar is shocked to see Kulfi missing from the house. He wants to know where she did go and when, without falling in his notice. Sikandar looks for Kulfi in the chawl. He tells everyone that Kulfi is missing. The people try to find her. Sandy tells Sikandar that Kulfi was going to Himmat, she was looking at the grain sacks. Sikandar understands that she has gone by getting inside the sack. He thinks she has hidden cleverly. He calls Himmat. He fails to connect. He rushes to the bus stop to get Kulfi back.

Amyra feels responsible that she is the only person left to look after Sikandar. She is shocked on seeing someone. Sikandar tries to find Kulfi at the bus stop. He learns that Himmat has left in the bus already. Himmat gives snacks to the kids. Kulfi also gets the snack to eat. Himmat opens the sack and finds Kulfi. She scolds her for cheating Sikandar and coming in this manner. Kulfi apologizes to her. She sweetly requests her to allow her. Himmat calls Sikandar and informs that Kulfi is with her, and she is absolutely fine. Sikandar gets worried.

He asks her to make him talk to his daughter once so that he can plead her to come back. He asks Kulfi to come back to him. She asks him why is he calling her back, she will come back soon. He asks her to keep calling him and stay in touch. He has big fear in his heart that he won’t be able to see her again. Kulfi assures that she will be in front of him soon. He prays that she returns soon. He thinks Kulfi went to pray for her mum, and lost her mum on the same time. He doesn’t want Kulfi to be away from him when he dies. He feels if Kulfi will lose him this time.

He wants to be alive until his daughter returns. He falls unconscious on the road. He is rushed to the doctor. Doctor treats Sikandar. Doctor asks him to at least share about the illness with Amyra. He gets confused and take the medicines. Moreover, Himmat guides Kulfi to make special prayers and get answers for her questions. Kulfi gets glad. Later, Kulfi gets into a big trouble. She is going to meet an accident. Is Kulfi really in trouble or is it Sikandar’s nightmare? Keep reading.

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