Kulfii Kumar Baajewala Tragic demise Lovely returns

Kulfii Kumar Baajewala Tragic demise Lovely returns

Kulfii Kumar Baajewala Tragic demise Lovely returns Himmat tells Kulfi that they want to hear her sweet song once. Kulfi sings a song and wins everyone’s heart. She wants their blessings for Sikandar. Everyone applauds Kulfi for her wonderful talent. Sikandar gets helpless. He doesn’t decide if he should tell Amyra about his critical illness of wait for Kulfi to return home. He doesn’t think his daughters can know about him so soon. He gets a shocker when Lovely returns. Lovely meets Amyra. She tells Sikandar that she didn’t run away from the jail, she is released after saving a life and keeping good conduct. She tells that she had come back to surprise him.

He is glad to see her back and knowing she isn’t a prisoner now. Amyra tells him that everything will be fine with Lovely’s return. He thinks its really good that Lovely will keep Amyra with much love. He is worried that Lovely won’t give same love to Kulfi. He fears for his daughter. Kulfi falls asleep, while the people get down at the dhaba. The driver gets down. The bus goes ahead on the slope and picks up speed. Himmat had left Kulfi in the bus. She asks the people to save Kulfi’s life. Kulfi wakes up and finds herself in trouble.

She asks Himmat to save her. The people run as far as they can. The bus reaches the bridge side. It falls off the bridge. Himmat watches Kulfi’s tragic demise and holds her heart. She sheds tears. Sikandar senses Kulfi is in trouble. He gets scared within. He wants to talk to Kulfi once. He can’t get through. He talks to Nimrat. He asks her to do some miracle and bring Kulfi to him. The rescue team reaches. They fail to find Kulfi. Kulfi miraculously gets saved. She finds herself on a wooden log. She comes across a noble man, who sings his heart out. She reaches Pakistan. The man helps her out when she faints on the sea shore.

Sikandar is stressed about Kulfi. Lovely assures that their life gets back on track again. She wants to inspire him so that he gets successful. He tells Lovely that he is much tensed about Kulfi. She asks him to think of making their future perfect. She wants him to have faith. He wants to trust her, that she will become Amyra’s support. Sikandar gets emotional thinking he may die anytime and seeing Amyra for the last time. Amyra wants him to stay with her forever. He asks her to stay with her mom. Kulfi’s angel helps her survive, while she is assumed dead by her people.

Kumkum Bhagya

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. This show shouldn’t have been called Kulfi “the singer star” it’s really irelevant to the actual story line it should have been called “the agony of a little orphan” or the little girls’ agony” the producers are failing

  2. If that fake sikander don’t leave I think the writter must stop harassing our emotionals because y can’t kulfi be happy wid her father this is ‘Kulfi there singing star’ not Kulfi the helpless orphan’ dis abuse must stop

  3. Tanx i do agree with u all we are watching kulfie the singing star from the beginning and all that kulfie get is sadness in her life plz let she be happy for ones in her life ?


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