Ishq SubhanAllah Zee Muskaan Upcoming Spoilers

Ishq SubhanAllah Guddan Bahu Begum 6 Hit spoilers

Ishq SubhanAllah Zee Muskaan Upcoming Spoilers There is much drama at Zara’s house. Azra and Imran’s marriage breaks. There are much chaos in the house. Imran was going to adopt the children after marrying Azra. Zara doesn’t want any problems in Azra’s life. Zara regards her as her own sister. She wanted to make her big day special. She was planning to make things perfect. Zara doesn’t want Azra to take any big step in her marriage. Ruksar plays her dirty game.

She tells Imran’s parents about child adoption. Imran’s parents are shocked. They don’t want Imran to marry Azra. They compel Imran. His dad threatens to commit suicide. He stops the marriage. Imran loves Azra, but falls helpless for the sake of his dad. Azra and her family break down when Imran refuses for marriage. Imran makes a leave from the marriage hall. Azra is left in tears.

Zara wants Kabeer to marry her for the sake of saving the kids’ children. Kabeer worries for the children too. He asks her not to risk their future. She tells him that she too worried for them. They have an argument over their responsibility towards the kids’ future. Kabeer gets his heart out for the helpless kids. She asks him to marry her if he wants to protect the future of the kids. Zara proposes him for marriage. What will Kabeer decide now? Keep reading.

Ishq SubhanAllah Zee Muskaan Upcoming: Muskaan learns about Roshni’s accident. She worriedly calls Roshni to know about her well being. Roshni informs her that she is with a known person, she is absolutely fine. Muskaan doesn’t listen. She asks Muskaan to talk to Ronak. Roshni’s phone gets off at the same time. Muskaan misses to talk to Ronak. She stays tensed. Ronak apologizes to Roshni. She asks him to order tea for her. Ronak takes her to a tea stall. Nisha feels sorry. She loves Khushi a lot. Gayatri wants to explain Ronak not to get angry on his wife.

Muskaan thinks she should go to meet Babu ji and inform about Roshni. Roshni tells Ronak that she isn’t hurt. He thinks Khushi is much sensitive. He calls Khushi and tells that he will come back home soon. Khushi asks Nisha not to worry. Pintu takes Muskaan to Sir ji. Sir ji goes to meet her. A man comes in between and asks him to help. Roshni gets to see Muskaan there. She tells Muskaan that she can’t trouble Babu ji for a little thing. She takes Muskaan home. Sir ji misses to meet Muskaan.

On the other hand, Gayatri asks Ronak to keep Nisha happy. She tells him about Nisha’s sacrifices for Khushi. She wants him to apologize to Ronak. Nisha takes care of Ronak. He apologizes to her. He gives her a white flower to maintain peace. She gets glad and hopes to get his love some day. Sir ji makes Roshni do illegal work. Roshni goes to the brothel. Muskaan suspects Roshni and goes after her. She follows Roshni. She gets angry on seeing Roshni learning dance. She doesn’t want Roshni to have same childhood like her. She drags Roshni home and casts her anger.

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