Bahu Begum Adil huge conspiracy separates Azaan Shayra

Bahu Begum Adil huge conspiracy separates Azaan Shayra

Bahu Begum Adil huge conspiracy separates Azaan Shayra Razia asks Shayra about the unfortunate happenings. Adil is bringing doubt in between Azaan and Shayra’s relation. Shayra gets Azaan home after his recovery. They get wishes that their love and relation don’t catch any bad sight of enemies. Razia finds Azaan staying away from Shayra. She questions Shayra about the situation. Shayra tells Razia about Azaan’s injury. Shayra breaks down. She tells Razia about Azaan had hurt her. Razia apologizes to her. Adil’s plan gets successful. He enjoys Shayra’s plight. Shayra asks Razia not to apologize. Razia asks the reason for Azaan’s anger on her.

Shayra tells her that Azaan dislikes Adil, the issues are because of a misunderstanding. Razia hugs Shayra. She asks Shayra to be strong. Adil wants Azaan to suspect Shayra. Azaan feels Adil is a cheap man with cheap intentions. Adil acts innocent in front of Shayra so that she supports him. He asks Shayra to be strong so that she helps Azaan. He tries to portray that Shayra is into an affair with him. He gifts roses to Shayra. He lies to Shayra that he had got the roses from the Dargah. Noor finds them into the rose moment.

She also misunderstands Shayra and Adil’s bond. Adil makes Noor jealous. He plans to get close to Noor by ruling over Azaan and Shayra. Razia promises Shayra that she will fix everything. Adil doesn’t think Razia can do anything against him. He makes a new plan to take his revenge. He plans to inject a chip in Azaan’s tooth to control him. Adil will be using the technology for his criminal plan. He will be revealing the revenge motives towards Razia’s family. There will be interesting twists coming up. Keep reading.

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  1. I have watched the latest Bahu begum episode where shayra n adil gets caught n shayra says Adil is her first love . Pls don’t let shayra be a villain. If shayra n Azaan separates I will stop watching Bahu begum


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