Bahu Begum Sorrowful Azaan ends relation with Shayra

Bahu Begum Latest Twist Adil ruins Shayra baby dreams

Bahu Begum Sorrowful Azaan ends relation with Shayra Azaan gets mad in rage while he ends his marriage with Shayra. He loses his faith on his wife. He suspects her infidelity after watching the manipulated evidences given by Adil. He thinks Shayra is cheating on him. Shayra asks Azaan why is he burning their picture and her belongings. Azaan tells her that their relation is over, its not just their picture, but his heart that’s burning. He doesn’t listen to anyone. Shayra defends herself. Azaan tells her that he also has memories with her, but she didn’t respect that. Everyone misunderstands Shayra. Noor can’t believe that Shayra can cheat Azaan. Razia scolds Shayra.

She asks Shayra how dare she steps inside the house after her shameful act. Shayra tells her that Adil had called her to the hotel room to talk about Noor. Adil proves Shayra wrong in front of them. Razia asks Shayra to just leave the house. She doesn’t want her son to vent anger on himself. Noor asks Shayra to admit the truth. Shayra doesn’t know what to clarify. She falls in Azaan’s sight and feels severely punished. She didn’t imagine that Azaan will lose his trust, knowing her so well. Azaan asks Shayra to pick up her bags and get lost. Adil has conspired everything to break up Azaan and Shayra’s relation.

Shayra loses all her hopes that she will get back her lost esteem. She didn’t wish to lose Azaan and family. She is hurt that Razia also insulted her. Razia doesn’t want to see Shayra’s face. She hates Shayra after seeing her pictures with Adil. Noor shows trust on Shayra. She asks Shayra to tell them if she was helpless or played some drama. Shayra doesn’t want Noor or Dilruba to stop her. She thinks she would have explained if Azaan gave her a chance. She gets fed up of the drama. She goes away from the house. He wants to find Adil’s plans and save Azaan. She will be exposing Adil’s truth in front of the family.


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