Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Starplus Upcoming Troubles Rescue

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Starplus Upcoming Troubles Rescue

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Starplus Upcoming Troubles Rescue Kulfi and Tuntuna make a leave from the Dargah without finding Sikandar. He tells Kulfi that maybe she was imagining her dad and heard his voice because of deep memories. He asks her not to take any tension about Sikandar. He gets her a glass of juice. He tells her that they will find about Sikandar if he is really here. He relieves her tension and takes her ahead. Lovely wants to know about Sikandar. Amyra tells her that maybe Sikandar is too busy. Lovely wants a steam iron to press her stole. She wants to go and meet her friend. Kulfi gets glad to reach Kartarpur. She is blocked by the cops, who stop her from taking an entry in the Gurudwara.

Tuntuna tells the cops that Kulfi has come all the way from India just to visit the Gurudwara. The cop asks him how did the girl come on her own. Tuntuna tells him about Kulfi’s accident. The cop doesn’t believe him. Lovely is glad to find her stole ironed. She learns that the chawl person had dried it on the gas stove. She can’t believe it. She dumps the stole. She finds them uneducated and unhygienic. She feels sick seeing their unique ways. Kulfi wants to pray and then return to India. The cops inform the local police station about Kulfi. Tuntuna rebels for the sake of Kulfi. He fights with the cops and makes Kulfi run ahead of the gate.

Kulfi doesn’t want to leave him alone and go. She gets caught by the cops. Lovely meets her friends, who feel sorry for her poor phase. Lovely tells them that she isn’t comfortable in the chawl, she can never make it home even if her family stays there. The chawl people offer her help. Lovely doesn’t like them at all. She feels embarrassed. Her friends ask her to talk to Sikandar and mend her life. Tuntuna and Kulfi talk to the official. Tuntuna asks the cops to believe him, Kulfi needs to visit the Gurudwara. The cops suspect Tuntuna as well, since he doesn’t have any identity proof.

They think even Tuntuna is an intruder. Tuntuna tells them that there is no difference between their countries. Kulfi supports him by giving an emotional speech. She tells that she doesn’t understand their biasing because of her background. She appeals to them and wants to unite with her dad again. She tells that Tuntuna took good care of her and helped her in reaching the Gurudwara. She wants to just pray for her dad’s good life. The official gets convinced. He agrees to seek information about her from the Indian embassy.

Pakistan cops contact the embassy to get details about Kulfi. Kulfi’s details get verified. Kulfi gets rescued. Tuntuna also proves his identity by getting his neighbors to validate. The embassy official try to contact Kulfi’s dad. They are unable to reach him. Kulfi expresses her wish to visit the Gurudwara. She gets their permission. She thanks Tuntuna about all his help. He feels great to be able to help someone. They have an emotional moment. He hands over a phone to her so that they stay connected. Kulfi sheds tears to part ways with Tuntuna.

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