Kundali Bhagya Today Wedding Bells for Preeta again

Kundali Bhagya Today Wedding Bells for Preeta again

Kundali Bhagya Today Wedding Bells for Preeta again Rishabh wants Karan to meet Preeta and get her home. He knows that Karan isn’t happy without Preeta. Karan tells him that he isn’t happy as Preeta is marrying Prithvi, he can’t lose to Prithvi. He tells Rishabh that he isn’t free to meet Preeta and talk to her. He tells Rishabh that he is just concerned to defeat Prithvi. Rishabh asks him not to lie to himself and realize his feelings. He reminds Karan the marriage date. He tells that Preeta is marrying on the same day. Karan gets a shock realizing that its just few hours left. He makes an excuse to leave from the house. Rishabh wants him to act fast and reach Preeta.

Preeta gets decked up in the marriage attire. She makes a plan to meet Prithvi before her marriage and convince him to refuse for the marriage. She reminds Shrishti about her plan. Shrishti sights Sarla and stops Preeta from revealing her plan. She lies to trick Sarla. She tells Preeta that Prithvi is a gentleman, they don’t need to thank him for the marriage decision. Sarla gets mistaken that Preeta is ready for the marriage heartily. She gets happy. Preeta tells Shrishti that Prithvi is a nice person, but they shouldn’t fool Sarla this way.

Shrishti hopes that Karan comes and stops the marriage. Preeta reads her thoughts. She doesn’t think Karan will come and stop her marriage with Prithvi. Rishabh is clear that Preeta won’t come to stop Karan’s engagement, Karan himself has to take the initiative. Sameer gets ahead with the arrangements. Kareena wanted Karan and Mahira to visit the temple and attend the puja. She wants to talk to Rishabh at least. She instructs Sameer to take Karan to the temple. Rakhi informs Kareena that they are at the temple and started the puja.

Kareena assures that she will send Karan soon. Rakhi is upset that Preeta is marrying Prithvi. She feels she is losing Karan’s happiness. She didn’t wish Karan and Preeta’s marriage to end this way. She lies to Kareena and hides her worries. She makes prayers for her children’s happiness. Sameer doesn’t find Karan and Rishabh. He learns that Preeta is marrying Prithvi. He wonders why didn’t Shrishti tell him about the shocking thing. He gets upset on Shrishti. He learns that Karan and Rishabh have gone to stop the marriage. Rishabh accompanies Karan to stop the marriage. He tricks Karan to make him accept that he is going to meet Preeta.

He wants to make Karan realize his feelings. Karan asks Rishabh not to act smart. Rishabh is happy that Karan is considering to meet Preeta. Later on, Sarla awaits the groom. She gets tensed that Prithvi didn’t arrive. She wants the baraat to come on time. Shrishti asks her to relax, Prithvi will come. She doesn’t want Sarla to spoil her health. Sarla wants to know why is her daughters trying to contact Prithvi. She suspects their intentions. Prithvi happily gets the baraat. Sarla gets glad to see him. She thanks his mom for forgiving them for the last time incident.

She blesses Prithvi. Janki and Shrishti plan to take Prithvi to Preeta to that Preeta convinces him. Sarla asks Shrishti to attend the guests. Rishabh asks Karan not to explain, they aren’t going to stop Preeta’s marriage. Karan drives to the marriage venue to stop Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage. Rishabh asks him to admit it that he can’t let Preeta marry anyone. Preeta wants to make Prithvi back out from the marriage. Will Karan stop Preeta’s marriage by siding his ego? Keep reading.

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  1. Kundali bhagya, used to love this show but now it is boring to keep putting Prithvi, in the picture now and again, for not exposing Sherlyn, just pulling it on and on, please just get over n done with it.

  2. It was very interesting but now they are doing as same as kumkum bhaghya. I lost my interest. They are just pulling and pulling the show. Boring???

  3. Karan ? Preeta is so very cute than I like her so much That time Sheryln went to Prithvi House he Started to Romantic with Sheryln Rishab Please Scold Properly with Sheryln Right Now itself be cool down ? and safe Karan don’t blame to Preeta you just try to understand Okay I hope you.☺️

  4. Sherilyn still has a flat tummy. Did she commit abortion or did the pregnancy disappear. Or has the producer forgotten that part of the script?

  5. I really used to like this show but now very boring… Expose Prithvi and Sherlyn….. and move on with the story…. there are other problems in life and maybe, stir towards that….. always the same thing….. the main characters never seem to get meet….. looks like the writer never got his/ her love so every show they never meet…. but maybe, deal with other issues….. teen/ parents/ relatives/sibling problems …. so much more…… lets change gears people…. think! Think! Be creative

  6. Wow what a luck getting married from one man then to another.
    ladies you lucky you become bride twice hope you get chance of third choice ????

  7. This is for the producer , pls try and end one story. We are beginning to hate your series. Still flat tummy for Sherlyn, I think with what is happening now, kundali should be watched by kids not adults. Its shameful.

  8. Yeah ..It really seems gud to watch Preeta n karan’s chemistry bt somtym it’s getting bore as Sherly’s plan ….bt then also I luv to watch this show.


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