Zee5 Guddan Akshat raged Vikrant tortures Alisha

Zee5 Guddan Akshat raged Vikrant tortures Alisha

Zee5 Guddan Akshat raged Vikrant tortures Alisha Akshat blasts his anger on Alisha. Alisha had married Vikrant just to take revenge on her parents. She wanted to separate Akshat and Guddan. She just wants to ruin their peace. Alisha angers Akshat by telling that she accepts her marriage and is ready to move on with Prashant. He scolds Alisha for being so shameless and talking wrong things. Alisha tells them that she wants a child soon, so that she gets property share. Akshat is irritated hearing her cheap talks. Guddan doubts that Alisha is just doing a drama. Alisha asks her share in the property. She calls a lawyer who gets legal papers.

She wants Guddan and Akshat’s sign on it. Guddan is suspecting that something is behind Alisha’s behavior. Guddan wants who is troubling Alisha and blackmailing her to get the property. She will find out who is behind it. Alisha’s weird behavior fumes Akshat. Vikrant has come to take revenge on Akshat. He tortures Alisha. He had lost his wife and child because of his business loss, due to Akshat. He wants to ruin Akshat’s happiness. Guddan will take a stand for Alisha and save her.

Guddan and Akshat get scared for Alisha when she doesn’t return home at night. Guddan asks the family why didn’t they find Alisha. Akshat thinks she is doing everything just to hurt them. Guddan thinks there is more to the story. Vikrant tells them that he found Alisha at the pub. He gets Alisha home. He tells that Alisha was drinking alcohol at the pub. Guddan senses that Vikrant is lying. She watches Alisha’s expressions. She wants to know the real truth behind Alisha’s plans. Akshat doesn’t know that Vikrant is planning to hurt his family and ruin them. He has blind faith on Vikrant. Guddan will expose Vikrant’s truth.

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