Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Tragedy strikes Kulfi Sikandar Lovely

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Tragedy strikes Kulfi Sikandar Lovely

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Tragedy strikes Kulfi Sikandar Lovely Sikandar prays in the Gurudwara. He realizes all his crimes and mistakes being at the pure place. He wants to clean his heart. He doesn’t want to lose Kulfi. He wants his daughter back. He wishes that he finds her soon and returns home. The official informs Kulfi that she can now return to her country. Kulfi wants her answers. Amyra finds Sikandar’s medical reports. Sikandar sings a devotional song while recalling Kulfi. His voice reaches Kulfi. She realizes that he is really in Pakistan. She runs to meet Sikandar. She hopes of a union with him.

Kulfi also sings with him to connect with him. Sikandar gets glad that he has finally found her. The duo sing their way until they reach a meeting point. They finally meet. A tragedy strikes them again. Kulfi finds her dad collapsing down in front of her. She can’t tolerate the sight. Sikandar faints because of his severe weakness owing to the critical illness he is battling. Kulfi rushes to help him. They get help from the kind people in the Gurudwara. They rush Sikandar to the hospital.

She realizes about his illness, the answer she had been finding. She goes back to the Gurudwara to share her pain and find a solution. She learns that Sikandar is soon going to die. She can’t tolerate this truth. She wants her prayers to get answered. The man advises her not to lose hope and just pray to get her prayer fulfilled. She wants to save Sikandar. She has a hope that Sikandar will get fine. She ends her worries. She returns to Sikandar to cheer him up.

She doesn’t want the harsh truth to ruin their happiness. Sikandar likes her sweet song. He is glad that she has accepted the truth and didn’t break down. He thinks she maybe not aware of his illness. He wants her to be happy always. She behaves like a strong individual. He lies to her that he fainted since he was tired all day and hungry too. Kulfi doesn’t say that she knows everything. Doctor soon informs him that Kulfi is a strong girl who has accepted the truth of his illness and handled herself well. She tells him that Kulfi had gone to pray for his life.

He realizes that nothing is hidden from her now. He feels Kulfi is giving him strength. He also wants to be strong, at least for her sake. Kulfi doesn’t want him to take any tension from now on. They plan to return home. Lovely learns about Sikandar’s deadly disease. She can’t believe it. Sikandar feels that he is soon going to leave Kulfi like Nimrat left. Kulfi asks him not to leave hopes and believe that he will get fine. She encourages him to have a fighting spirit and not give up. Lovely finds hard to deal with the truth that Sikandar is soon going to die. She didn’t know fate will be so unfair on her family.

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